Sandy wind..



Be you sheep of shepherd under stars of day or night.. be you nurse of best.. of worse.. each sound speaks dark or light.. be you infant in the teeming noise of evermore..

Your heart will answer when a knock comes to it’s bloody door..  

Sheep eyes turn when something.. something never heard before.. turn back to rich grass.. sweet water nature holds in store..

Marcus is a shepherd knows not car or screens of dream.. knows truth of the sky.. the trees.. cool healing night.. moonbeams.. dreams of Lemon sweet from village seen when but a child.. does she wait as promised?.. with innocent sweet wild..  

Time men from cities with strange noises rolling tents.. drinking swimming with their women love given or lent..  

Traveling cross the desert empty promises.. change spins.. a dream.. leaving what was..

Sheep sense another ‘Sandy wind’

Peace Tony


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Fashioned able..

Joyful we are.. is what we have..

Joyful we are.. is what we have.. (Pic Internet)

Dressed a muse.. a tall black goose ran rapid note in hand.. ‘Pepper’ never had a ruse just music for the band.. Royal in appearance.. rigid straight and true.. brought news of how the love flowed from minstrel BloodtearBlue.. 

Prince drank rum.. princess chewed gum.. both young awaited chance.. for dinner to be done then on to floor of dance.. where the wiggles giggles stories older than the realm.. back to times of evil fallen Satan had the helm..

‘Hold there darlings have a care for what you know is true.. remember what is seen composers write of what you do.. not intent.. how love was bent.. not read from uncles knee.. Live your childhood dreams written in reams.. fun felt.. and free..

Young princess mind.. first is once only.. each act seen for true.. prince take time.. write poems to read reveal love.. or loss blue.. smile of honor.. smile a hope.. dream in our fair land.. as wind howls from black skies lightning lights moonlit clouds grand..  

Just outside our secret tunnel walk well of your own.. go you to ones just like you.. save not born to a throne.. feel the leather artisan.. works saddle.. silver fine.. young son watching.. learns to earn way for love in design’..  

Pepper honked reminder paper binders etched in gold.. as two children go to worlds where things are bought and sold.. on to those of madness offended by each craft.. on to those let down in dreams.. the hearty man who laughs..

On to noises loud.. wars bloody proud.. wild worldly claims.. set you fine example.. finest you.. to trust.. the same.. onto worlds of laughter.. music played.. Pan’s silver flute.. a purpose true.. young woman.. your young man.. love loud or mute..

Senses high as you fly worlds new.. water and trail.. go you to your seas in life.. trim true and right your sails..  sound and smell will each minutes.. fate willed comes.. must be.. give your art you artisan.. your nature.. true and free..

Peace Tony


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Quilted Time

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Over here and then some gold..emotions thoughts Captain there in the fold..of the fine linen..knit by Grandma’s cover all her children..with dreams they understand..change in life’s toy store..the wagon is a to drive..storm, sun survive sleet and ice what’s more..power smooth gets you pretty you could cry..with family safe and warm..under Grandma’s eye.
LOVE HAS NO BORDERS..Leningrad 1925

Apples green or red..tart or sweet it goes..fools will be fooled still..smell onion by the you bite the apple..taste just has to show..Onion or an apple really has to know..speak of blundered history..hero legends long..story, witness poem for true..rendered in a song..set stone in smiling faces..children, women hero’s past..time so vast..Hero Leiutenant Dave..

Long time plans smashed by the violent..evil on the rise..the same in the past..under Grandma’s eyes..the sky filled with examples..of beauty sight and sound..some do evil some do good..folks will come around..some…

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Message answered.. (plagiarized sad horrors)

As yourself in time you find.. a peace settled.. heart and mind.. ..

As yourself in time you find.. a peace settled.. heart and mind.. ..

Grand Poobah destroy destroy.. take all they own.. each child.. each joy.. as he hides behind what he won’t know..

Tells them well.. a lesson taught.. stole his future slaves.. seeks his murders.. leaves what wrought..

Sorrow hidden in mass graves..

Still not understand or stood.. he blew a whistle.. did some good.. cleaned a nothing with a goal of true.. air goes in.. air goes out.. we breath.. what we earn.. what we bequeath same for same.. delusion floats astern..

V dub is now in the tub.. not for long.. I tell you bub ‘what was started was not carted here’.. move the money.. grab the gold.. as your carnival unfolds.. hidden bank accounts.. as hidden fear..

Run in veins of ‘cannot be’.. complex seeks simplicity.. rocks I stand when crazy seems the way..

Papal wave.. shares a smile.. his Fiat.. unpretentious style.. moving to good happys for his kind.. royal palace.. alley bust.. silver chalice.. move to trust.. sense inside says don’t deny your mind..

Moments.. laughing.. drama tears.. heart beats songs of all the years that ‘first’ love.. knows not the like again.. no matter color skin.. not of loss.. not of win.. seeking peace for all.. joy finding friends..

When scene seen.. heard then defined.. your special dreams.. expected lines.. best you have can only add a tell.. for this second.. for the next.. truth.. not told illusion hex.. how it matters not where heroes fell..

Grand Poobah will never learn his fear destroys.. revenge to burn.. never gives a thought delusion’s son.. he has money.. given guns.. steals then sells his favorite ones..

Orders ancient.. same time said and done.. 

Says it willed deity.. sounds evangelist to me.. war.. toys.. money.. no boredom in town.. has it all.. left dead.. bereft.. a stolen diamond his chin cleft.. deeply smells death hidden all around..

Forged wisdom.. behind false eyes.. a thief I have come to despise.. must reach to teach truth.. silence nothing lies..

Cause in laws old camel dung.. truth in spirit Gods are sung.. in the moment.. to prepare.. for the evil.. curse of fear.. working slaves.. what does he care?..

Grand Poobah seeks what cannot be shared..

Peace Tony


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Gas king Brown

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Gather round for six pence you can see King Flatulence..walking in his gold among the green..ass on leather was his way always farting night and day sets his stage.. page on page lies to read then dream of coming greens.. intends smoke brown as brownest beans.. never know what his words mean.. as he grins.. senseless for greedy gleans..

Sun in sky of different blues ruddy brown in future news.. all in all evades to bad.. the worst may yet bring choking sad.. 

A copied likeness of the founding has no truth in this or any context..for farts are sacred and private..most hope anyway..

Now industrial revolved brought us tales to hear not solve anti boredom games never evolve..

Until TV ‘based on true’ became a world of all ‘how to’..sensors for each type known to pollute..

Views with news private cruise for rich and filthy destitute.. look oily greed each oil prostitute..


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