Sorrago cries.. por nada..



Sorrago shouts.. ‘Hear me moral orphans of the crown.. time to ante up royal party comin’ down.. time to tax to max and more.. whores will get a pass.. for one evening only.. to decorate with ass…

mooing growling moron howling as guests will arrive.. some appear as mannequin walking up the drive.. some will fly as noble hawks and eagles of the clouds.. some will strut their nothing to show off their nothing proud..

either way you all will pay..the poorest paying more.. law against one being poor held in some mental store..

 with walls no balls a coward calls what he won’t understand.. running as in mortal fear loud with outstretched hand..

moral orphans cannot hear nor see smell nothing near.. the nothing noise of nothing.. laid in nothing fear..

Rise you buyers of the soul.. corrupters of good life.. sense the wonder of good will.. peace coming to all strife.. rise you love in magic..

New York back to Rome.. our play no longer tragic.. as we build our worldly home..

Sorrago was saddened by the real.. yes by the news.. found his spine a little out of shape.. on to his true..

Helped him to remember.. day to second comes his fate.. his shout was one of lovesong.. it never is too late..

Take a hop for love you wonder children of this time.. on our earth each sacred birth protected from the crime.. of soul sapping.. ever napping.. fearful of the way.. control others no option.. truth unique you.. is the way..     


Peace Tony


Blank St. off the alley..

When young every lung of air set song fair to the wind.. ballads.. blues.. an artist news and words of way he been..

Clear eyed never feared tides or acts of pride.. meaning found past ‘Blank St. off the alley’ ancient Gods cried..

Round about a shout of nothing circled back and back again.. primal fear a flag and words of war from greedy men..

Each in worry fails to bury.. see or even try.. find life glory.. tears and story of who lived and died..

Me? to see a moment is a gift I cannot give.. fate.. my mate.. the artisan in the art I live..

Song and poem I stand alone smile.. fate as ocean tides.. round the corner.. in the colors.. seek another side..

Each as passing.. stern or sassing is first only true.. I wait my fate that comes in what needs be for me and you..

As bright colors bright that light the dark night.. show a way.. I give each second what I can.. different in static stay.,.

May you bless.. respect protect and play your heart and dream.. may you wise in fine surprise slide harmless down moonbeams..

Create as fate in every second beckons on anon.. to places no one judges.. no one lost.. as none say won..

‘Blank St. off the alley’.. is TV life and more.. puppet strings.. zircon rings.. and someone to deplore..

Star you are in every way.. in every place.. each time.. part of you.. and what must be.. infant.. old and prime..


‘Life,, you wonderful gift fated.. I stand ready with my best’..

Peace Tony


Left alone..

For all we sense.. all we feel.. there can be but one reality..

For all we sense.. all we feel.. there can be but one reality..

In times of youth when all was thought as love and smile.. curious in passion.. short of truth.. seeking a style..

Never had a doubt about as creatures true and wild.. who will tend my crying child when my death is filed..

Leaders are the breeders of the dreamsong and the fact.. must be good.. heart mind and bone.. know to not attack..

Carrying a fairy tale.. in fashion.. lacking style.. who will tend a crying child.. when such death is filed?..

Million thirty-three had not doctor law or nurse.. five years later.. 100 million.. life gift seems a curse..

Still the hated thief applauded carries self-styled sin.. against all common senses living gives.. just seeks to win..

Hide in politics you hated.. are you so surprised?.. self-seeking.. not looking peeking.. blind to life.. your eyes..

Stopping needed leaders in political snafu.. popping up with wars past times that carried your kind through..

Going against heart and mind.. cannot argue fate.. the evil that you promised you must do.. evil ones wait..

Take your petty nothing lie.. promised first and last.. take your sad confusions.. and stick them up your ass..

As those who say they did not.. waist deep in their own pee.. as our leader true that cares.. waits for you and me..

Stand we ever tested.. in blood mud tears we smile.. who will teach the children.. not to walk a lying mile..

who will tend my crying child.. when my death is filed..


‘the cry of one infant drowns out the roar of every cannon in every war.. for it is true.. pure.. with a need to be loved’..

Peace Tony


Fairystones.. buried bones..

Young man came.. looked the same as just yesterday.. eyes held question.. kind of hidden.. still I had to say.. ‘what is it?.. what did you lose?.. are you puzzled how to act?’..  

he said ‘What to do when what they say ain’t truth in play.. or close to fact.. what good a handshake.. signed contract.. or based on nothing pact?’..

I was close enough to see.. found easy to feel.. the young man.. who close did stand.. found of a sudden real.. worth of who and what he was.. could he compromise?.. when one offered him some cash.. to turn.. sellout.. or close their eyes..

Cash is fun.. but when done you play the result.. little children.. grown to men and women.. that insult.. something done in social grace.. a race for shiny best.. there.. unique.. your actions speak.. accepting nothing less..

City.. farm range.. son you won’t change.. your heart beats dreams to mind.. only you know ‘cept the clever scrooge.. slaver unkind.. whether in train station with your Gibson.. songs to play.. or another kind of stage.. in rage or love you stay..

No amount of single malt.. or branch bourbon fine.. no amount of powder.. boy or girl.. champagne or wine.. nor those cutting edge ledges built pills with science new.. can take the right.. song.. day or night long.. felt as wrong by you..

None will bury.. forsake Worry..  lover for all time.. can spill or drown what conscience found as good.. or known as crime..

When you say that is the play you cannot fool your heart.. quick trips where nothing is seen.. you knew it at the start..

Every sunny seashore day.. each drunken brokedown dawn.. waking on clothesline sheets on someone else’s lawn..

Born with everything you need if needs were forest kept.. not bound or found in fences forged because some long gone wept.. simple steady.. known and ready.. calm to face some doin’s.. of those who peddle hatred.. other lives.. for gold and ruin..

You will hear of things extinct.. impossible.. untrue.. contradicted in attack of things known good to you..

This is where your freedom is.. your seapool by the bay.. offered as a master.. a simple one.. a bastard.. insanity stays cartoon sensed in play.. to seek love where love is.. this very day..

Peace Tony


Wishing Well a’ Dale..

A beautiful cartoon

Beyond worlds of tree trunks.. autumn colors.. flash.. resound.. fly you spirit journey.. above all royal grounds..

On to worlds reflect color.. light.. natural and good.. young couples shine on velvet night.. fine as fine old wood..

Was it seen.. was it heard.. put into the blood.. no a soul is screaming.. freedom ever screaming.. dream vessels magic streaming..

blind faith the only stud..

Fine as any artisan could mold.. cold wet with dew.. clear as any gust of wind.. that carry stories true.. fine as beauty of her image.. just as it was said.. ‘think you good.. you child who would.. keep evil from your head’..  

Evil on the living trail.. evil on the spin.. should your senses fail evil hurts friends and kin.. spreads noticed by curiosity.. when thoughts run stale..  wild wolves in heart and mind.. held in some mental jail..

Keep you child of children.. protect heart of hearts true.. good truth names one of many.. good angels watching you..

Peace Tony