Sing me ‘Bonnie Grannietrue’…

A baby elephant w baby cranes

Babies safe at play.. If done in love.. if done in true.. such peace is peace to stay..

Sang a register up down to ‘do’ half notes and scales.. mode to register it leaves a beat pounds out the rails..

Of the blues train.. heart past ‘lovebane’.. cleared blues of dischord.. in the heart and mind blue pain.. new melodies.. new words..

Every city.. loved and pity have a wailing note.. listen! harp is city bluegrass.. mama lends her throat..

Southern Gospel.. got no Hostel.. always in the groove.. words of blues.. love innocent.. stay clean.. stay on the move..

You of hypocrites who punched and bit.. dug living with those lies.. one simple light of truth shows words an old friend so despised..

Came to build for passion.. thrills of chemical to sense.. despite the social wrong and right.. soul builds truth as a fence..

Or a light.. no need to fight.. horizon comes in fate.. a moment when the fears of any darkness behind any gate..

First exposed when ‘Trashcan Rose’ ponies to her dance.. seeing every good there ever was.. takes any chance..

Once found each moment true thins traffic on your road.. as you smile in joyful light.. you and your lightened load..

Peace Tony


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Olde Highs Way..

A jesus 1

‘YOU SAY IT’.. Jesus said in truth.. to Pilot.. as living truth screamed ‘foul.. foul’ marking charnel house of Herod with the stench of death.. denying the truth.. to corrupt those faithless yet to come.. (Pic internet)

Day beamed true.. blue sky and shore.. minstrel song of free.. peace.. a loss or win.. paths whirl to spin.. a dream must be..

Betrayer once a friend good.. yet sad memories remain.. damage seen on greedy roads.. to heart.. trust of the brain..

Lean this way.. explore ‘all that’ felt true may come to go.. shine aglow beside dreamworlds who must abide the flow..

White Oak roots astride the pride of royalty control.. sat to lean against Oak bark.. felt thoughts straight to my soul..  

Social? thought my mind to find when would we understand?.. roots witness with clouds and sun.. what fortifies the land..

Speaking in a dream my sense.. awake as evermore.. nothing ever truly lost once passed thru learning’s door..

White Oak solid felt my back.. birds song free and true.. a love fulfilled.. dreamworld.. and thrills.. peace long overdue..

Social path of laughter wrath.. trail of soul won’t deny.. each drop or lift in truth your gift.. love lovers blameless sky..

Moments of your soul.. fated peace.. to meet love free..

Should you hear songs living love.. come sing your song to me.. 

Peace Tony


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Sunbeam Trail..

Tony 004

Come here teach me.. innocent and true..

Some say ‘Trail’ is only one.. one that never fails.. some say every second one more born.. folklore and tales.. curious sat an infant stares to learn a way.. his trail unique shall travel.. each their own is what I say..

Gossipseemdom brings a dream cum wonder of each child.. furry.. bare.. bald or hair each yearns to turn their style.. drunks come crashin’ still the passion innocent and true.. stays with each of us who breaths until the ‘final due’..  

So have a flagon on me lads.. naughty girls be true.. pile that sand a castle grand for two friends and you.. take a walk you of experience thought bad or good.. all stories end one way.. say travel well each lonely stood..

Will find in mind or passion kind a certain kind of blues.. comes to all where heartbeats call the very true of you.. social chess.. each social blessed new written or old news.. one or many.. one seen living.. ‘Sunbeam Trail’ of you..

Peace Tony

Note.. I  am going to cut down on categories and tags.. after all.. what I tagged today is just fine with me.. Freedom  T. 



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There are those of us who hold all they sense as dear.. there are those who like the rain.. some love times sparkling clear.. just a little thought of thanks and hope for those in fear..

An Islphobe reacts to robes of primitive crossed greed.. fear of murderers and liars as one must question need..

Those who think in terms of doom running Jihad tracks.. you know the ones whose sanity slipped down through crazy cracks.. 

Mercenary sounds of murder scary for the child.. will never change our species.. creature love.. sharing mild..

Some say there is no force so smart it avoids insane..  for sure no small group pooping lack of courage from their brains..

Despite the early night of death to take breath from unknown.. despite the soulless biz types who break life in blood and bone..

Past the dump of useless pumps repeating nothing good.. staying there in dumpland as bad things always should..

Despite the growing.. never knowing blast from time long gone.. our species large and growing lives and true to self live on..

Fear is never here for long it stays where useless may.. but most of us.. in love.. love well to love another day.. 

Peace Tony

This poem is dedicated to the outstretched hand extended to those lost while traveling imposed roads..

It is in prayer for the child of greed.. that he may learn to love and care..

Freedom and Peace to you.. my species.. where in our ‘Eden’ even the most foul cannot corrupt our hope and nature.. T.


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Carson Cacophony..

As yourself in time you find.. a peace settled.. heart and mind.. ..

Good Morning ..
While listening to AP News about 1/2 hr. ago.. The reactionary.. negatives of the current GOP again blew my mind .. Mr. Carson.. A black man old enough to have seen discrimination.. and certainly read of and discussed the need for civil rights.. said stupidly.. no matter the issue.. ‘I am not concerned with privacy’.. this.. in apparent political reaction to Trump.. Who attempted to avoid responsibility for his ‘Master plan’.. concerning anyone who scares him.. To an NBC newsman’s question about Muslims ..
Seems old Carson while working for equality.. fell victim to Prague Syndrome.. accepting the unacceptable in a need to feel safe..
IT DON’T WORK LIKE THAT.. especially when Trump’s plans parallel a house painter and anyone his insanity could not accept..
The strengths of our great country is in The Bill of Rights..
Don’t woose out in reaction now..
For the clowns of destruction stand naked.. at hand ..
You are fighting for freedom .. not buying or selling fashion..

Peace Tony Capper


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MEMORIES of Killing..

A True Spirit 1

Morningtime..A time of clean mind and spirit.. one of many..

Coming back to the main base it was a usual rainy morning on Guam.  Anderson Air Force Base was finally renovated after typhoon Karen had blasted us damn near off the island.  

During the first half of the storm I saw a four inch thick.. reback enforced.. door overhang on a security building flapping like a piece of paper in the wind.. witnessed from a bulletproof observation window in our security building..

During the eye.. probably because I was the only one present with an international driver’s license.. I drove to the mess hall to get food.. something ignored as we watched the storm change from tropical.. to typhoon.. to dead on to Guam trajectory.. I took a two ton truck.. similar to the ones smashed.. over on their sides.. vehicles on top of two story buildings.. and so on..

Hours later on as the second half of that windy wahoo blew northward toward Okinawa.. I contacted Fuchu, Japan making the first off Guam’trust territory’ communication.. finding Fuchu, Japan on 6730.5 CW.. (morse code)..  

Back to the Killing which made a storm of its own.. the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ had the United States training Cubans who liked things as they were.. training at Lackland AFB and other places to regain this close.. strategic piece of real estate.. called ‘Cuba’.

As history will reflect the ‘invasion’ was a failure.. my point is.. Kennedy was subject to a great many opinions.. of a great many living.. thinking folks.. world wide.. and political.  

I got a ride with a friend to the base.. as we approached the rear gate of Anderson..  we were stopped by a tense Air Policeman.. I showed him my ‘line badge’ and asked what was going on.. He replied.. ‘our president was assassinated this morning’.  

I.. in shock.. said ‘People don’t get assassinated in this time.. it is 1963.. heartbreak and disappointment shot through my heart.. the U.S… as well as our base quickly.. race disappointment almost turning to confused violent blame of innocents.. (though there really are 5th generation KKK education..not violence answers these social blurbs).. as well as actual recipients of racial horrors you young can only imagine.  

One voice stands out of all those who had something to say.. something they wanted heard.. a tall black man standing on a table said in even firm tones..

‘He killed a man.. that’s all.. he killed a man’..

This left me and others I saw.. the hopes.. a path following and making real.. dreams of a free and equal state to be set out and pursued.. the amount of interracial couples.. now.. a black president.. the first.. of great peaceful accomplishment and recognition of medical need and definition of words like ‘education’.. ‘truth’.. and universal living needs.. tireless civil rights work has shown us the fruits of faith and labors.. foundationed on unwavering love and constructive endeavor.. it has shown us.. time and again what a poor purpose vengeance brings forth.. taking us in circle back in time.. again and again.. as technology.. art and science move forward to be used in ignorant pretense.. or great example..

without truth there are only lies.. childish dreams that hobble what is needed most.. truth.. that we may trust.. standing in loving foundation of life.. 

Peace Tony



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Beastly.. times

As yourself in time you find.. a peace settled.. heart and mind.. ..

An Ocelot napped on a cot with thoughts of when a cub.. his pride broke out of Zoo bar world.. went to a local pub.. thirst and boredom worse the whoredom of humans who pay.. to the pimps.. the mental gimps who make us live this way..

Look! human little ones exclaim point to Chimpanzee.. sensitive these primates royal.. glad it isn’t me.. like a Southern politician holding bad to worse.. each human has the heart and mind for kind.. first breath to hearse..  

One true thing.. one true can do.. more than high liars meet.. not even bunions on the most blue blood royal of feet.. can make a change.. to rearrange something all have known.. from blade of grass.. to Baboon ass a world of conflict shown..

Better lazy.. best called crazy in a world that bleeds.. for the latest Nazi with his latest Jewish Creed.. blaming all for liars fall and needs he fathoms not.. a jungle moment would reveal true lives.. cat on a cot.. can show him ways of peace in day..


Drift off onto a snore.. to wake.. remind ‘New Hitler’.. fearful from getting bored..

Thought.. ‘liberal Germans laughed at Hitler.. as they would not believe Billy Mitchell’s logic to denigrate him until they saw him.. there is a candidate who is making immigrants.. (esp. Mexicans).. a political jack.. for his real nefarious purpose.. as he says.. as it started for the Jews.. he would have Muslims register.. as guns.. as cars.. as discrimination..

As sanity screams NO NO NO..

Peace Tony


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