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Bluesey Xmas Love

Yesterday I wrote a song.. sang as it came.. names of men holy..  a focus faith game.. Thank yous said round.. Moses to Christ.. Mohammad Confucius from the land of rice.. History and story.. joyful done song..  blues today news.. … Continue reading

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Sound around my Head

2 gig iPod sent by god? no my cousin Geri..listen to tunes any month to June..dream dancing fairies..enhance every moment..with stereo sound..hi fi is a lie but it is cheaper by the pound..Xmas time not hard to rhyme but puts some … Continue reading

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Martyr Valentine

  It is love and love only The following is an excerpt from ‘NEWSMAX.COM’s ‘Valentine’s Day History’.   Put here to learn and show the origin of each holiday; perhaps to learn the situations in life which brought it about.. ‘The … Continue reading

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A Friend From Past Times..

Walk home late night Saturday..some years gone I walked this way..through graveyard from cowboy times..real deal walk with ghostly mimes.. Dark dirt road over a hill..pioneer time..blood was spilled..no Thanksgiving turkey roast..just a tale heard from a ghost.. Spirit abstract … Continue reading

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Dancetime Day

Times good rhymes, fairy tales, some hold for true and free..with babes, family animals round a fine fir tree..one grown on the hillside..seems just for you and me..special is the timeride..let’s swim the yuletide sea.. The tree speaks of the air and … Continue reading

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