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Paths mapped in blind deceit weave delusion vanished.. infants see fear afloat muddled confusion.. Yet.. Love trips passion’s folly young unknowing seek..  their only time wastes effort.. to mute what comes in truth..  Peace Tony ©.AC.2.Apr.2017.arr././

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This Mountain Mine

  You who lay naked to my probing mind.. do you feel my heart caring so?  What makes distance is it my directed way found foul?  Words are callous to describe.. finding you.. seeing you.. as a shining soul.. Up … Continue reading

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Love a Love only

Love pure Love..Words spoken in joy…. The sun lightens the sky… grass glows grows to reach warm sunlight…mist shimmers on pollen glow reflecting life promised…so lovely..felt close at finger tips … senses full not push no pull.. the day is … Continue reading

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