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Bluesey Xmas Love

Yesterday I wrote a song.. sang as it came.. names of men holy..  a focus faith game.. Thank yous said round.. Moses to Christ.. Mohammad Confucius from the land of rice.. History and story.. joyful done song..  blues today news.. … Continue reading

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Dreamed a New Year

Walking, smell of pine snow crisp clean on the ground..somewhere free of trouble..good was felt around..carols coming from a church..in my mental shelves..irony in what could be..a wish granted by elves..women seen by others were seen as they wished to be..everything … Continue reading

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Solar System Astronomy

New Year here tell you my dear a story with no tune..about an ancient ‘surfer’ sign politely known as ‘moon’..Pull my cart of memories nothing is for sale..useless for all but learning well..to pass on in a tale.. Now ‘Deaf … Continue reading

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Halloween Learnin’

This morning’s quote..’When people engage in conflict, one to the other, they are as sloppy as in many other endeavors.  This makes them mutually destructive’.  (in an aside..it also involves varied degrees of guilt and remorse because they do it so … Continue reading

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