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Personal Seconds

  Born to lovers under covers found friends reading books.. well described different tribes.. cowboys cops and crooks.. details written of a place mapped out for a ghost.. heaven hell magic spells what I believed the most.. Saw plays ways … Continue reading

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  Hundred yards less from clear creek..close enough to smell..song float gently to my ear..love of song..sung well..closer just to listen..did I dare? get closer see the beauty sings in sultry melody, song  beyond compare..A sylph she came gypsy skirt white blouse not … Continue reading

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Magic Yes it Is

A lot of ways to wonder a lot of ways to be..personal existence makes it how you be..Some fight all society every kind of law..say ‘have heart of a terrier and these bulldog  jaws’..there are those who ruff and tuff and tush are … Continue reading

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