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True to Cartoon..

Beyond East Hill by Honeytown where reams of dreams are kept.. evil memories of insane times when widows wept.. A meeting of warm blood.. snakes and lizards too.. insects.. birds respect the ‘Tales of ‘Creaky Bubbaboo‘..  Hand me down with smiles … Continue reading

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Walk this forest I know where..Goldylocks the Three Bears..in the real..do or fail..Live in patterned fairytales.. Do you feel love or wrath..as I walk this forest path..wild and free young what to do.. Nothing wild belongs to you.. Sing a … Continue reading

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She Of the Night

And Then I Was on Top The title of this post is the etymology of ‘Lilith‘..said in ancient biblical text to be the twin of Adam..joined at the hip.  This post contains quotes from a work TM ‘Ecyclopedia Mythica’.  The reference … Continue reading

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