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Bluesey Xmas Love

Yesterday I wrote a song.. sang as it came.. names of men holy..  a focus faith game.. Thank yous said round.. Moses to Christ.. Mohammad Confucius from the land of rice.. History and story.. joyful done song..  blues today news.. … Continue reading

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Dancetime Day

Times good rhymes, fairy tales, some hold for true and free..with babes, family animals round a fine fir tree..one grown on the hillside..seems just for you and me..special is the timeride..let’s swim the yuletide sea.. The tree speaks of the air and … Continue reading

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Busy City Street..XMAS TIME

Wander from home the seldom seen the farm..few bucks bottle..look to have a woman on my arm..brand new city to explore..people love and what’s more..I can sing here play a rhyme..Busy City Street at Christmas time.. Stores and bustle in … Continue reading

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Quilted Time

Over here look..Blue..red and then some gold..emotions thoughts Captain Hooke..safe there in the fold..of the fine linen..knit by Grandma’s hand..to cover all her children..with dreams they understand..change in life’s toy store..the wagon is a car..best to drive..storm, sun survive sleet … Continue reading

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Relief Tree

Mirror reflect back the sea image true natural of me..combine friends, loves of the past..acquainted by the cosmic vast..sparkle sea around my head..my heart and mind love what was said.. In the forest mountains alleys..city country the last valley..There are … Continue reading

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Best xmas 4 You

High holiday so they say..presents decorate and play..song for season song to pray..song of reason..insight say..commercial sell that ware..sublimate just aint fair..some buy or eat are not aware..quick messages sent in the air..message this and tell of that..get skinny if you are … Continue reading

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      Promise was given nought by the traveled man who took the time to watch the drama just to understand..the child so  full of dreams..sitting in his fate..the promise in his mind..he sits just to wait.. Promises to those … Continue reading

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