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Bluesey Xmas Love

Yesterday I wrote a song.. sang as it came.. names of men holy..  a focus faith game.. Thank yous said round.. Moses to Christ.. Mohammad Confucius from the land of rice.. History and story.. joyful done song..  blues today news.. … Continue reading

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Days of Wonder

Chief Id sat reading.. reading holy text.. fireplace burned in his home.. warm love his own good mix.. Probably a good man.. yes I would bet.. were he living.. still giving.. Christ would be among the best.. best man who … Continue reading

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Folk Wisdom..in person..

‘If I want to know the ‘how and why’ or who in a picture..I ask those pictured’ ‘If I want  to know why a picture was taken or painted..I ask the artist’ ‘If I  want to know why this is important..I look in … Continue reading

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