Industry implied.. Ignorance so cried..



I was a radio operator in the United States Air Force!  I must say here.. ALL ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS GO THROUGH RADIO FREQUENCIES!  I was a 5 level radio op.. we communicated and understood that no matter what tool we used the frequencies had to be secure!

When I saw that seemingly no one understood that the former Secretary of State did not know this specialty and job.. I saw how deep the ignorance and media manipulation had tricked folks out.    

I mean come on.. did Hillary Clinton change her own spark plugs in government vehicles?.. Of course not..  a mechanic in the motor pool did that.. likewise.. She had a communications man who did not do his job.  

As when 9/11 presented it’s horrors.. I asked.. ‘where were the fighters?’..  In this case I said.. ‘who was her communications security?’.

In my time of service it would have been a courts martial offense.. cause?.. her communications people did not secure what went out on Radio Telephone Frequencies from any station she emailed.. phoned.. teletyped.. whatever she sent was responsibility of a communications security man.. not someone spewing ignorance of how her messages are transmitted.. NOT HER JOB!

The bunk about her emails was obviously political.. when the argument for the ‘expert’ was.. ‘strictly amateur hour’.. ‘she didn’t even have a private security service!’ I knew..  

Pull your pants up sonny.. look to the truth.. the fact you think programs designed to keep a computer healthy of viruses and malware.. have anything to do with communications security shows how mercenary the creators and developers of the internet were and how creative in spreading whatever they wanted to as true!  

I am going to give you who pay for your communications the benefit of a po’ boys knowledge!  

I have studied the obvious mess made in apartments by providers for thirty years.  I have had my own accounts wiretapped.. used for telemarketing.. had folks ask me to defraud my provider in attempted conspiracy and so on ..  I found that apartment accounts.. whether through laziness.. stupidity.. or greed.. (I have found all).. when a change was made in an account.. held by a customer in an apartment W. Los Angeles.. nothing happened!..

The terminals were left hot.. leaving providers with a lot of money making data.. and a lot of people.. uneducated in communications with crimes of opportunity! 

To me this stinks of someone with no integrity or understanding of privacy.. or perhaps..  just to spend the afternoon getting drunk or loaded and bragging.. to obtain social validation from those who say.. ‘everyone is doing it’.. so they know it is okay..

The industrial mind set.. which invested heavily in compulsory education.. and thought people a resource.. inherited from Rockefeller.. Carnegie.. and other early 20th century moguls has left an ugly.. unthought out legacy.. a caste usury with puppet mentality!

The works of E. Bernays and those who wrote of the psychological impact on our suggestible..  lazy species has shown those who hold money above all else how to make educated folks do what industry wanted.. in ignorance!  

The extremely rich.. who think they are the ‘living end’ instead of the ‘end of living’ they have proven to represent.. live in a caste system.. known by those called ‘minority’.. setting folks apart from their precious.. unique selves.. to a world of illusion and apathetic stupidity.  

My biggest mistake in dealing with wiretappers.. and folks who use my account so thoughtlessly.. biting off their noses to spite their faces.. was not prosecuting them immediately!

Had I known of on line voting I would have.. for the first time in my life.. been all over prosecuting this!   Still.. it is hard.. ignorance is not confined to civilians.. it can be found in police.. military.. just about anyplace humans are.. they think their actions justified because they justify just what they think they want..  

I believe the industrial.. political ‘plan’.. yes.. ‘another good plan’.. is to let such internet abuse bounce around sans communications security.. then.. it will be taken in control by someone who will yet again.. increase your costs.. 

The things I have known about communications.. since in the service.. I took for granted.. not realizing the ignorance of the most folks who have no such training..  depending on a motor.. defending a motor.. and stealing from.. lying to.. their neighbors in hypocritical actions they try to defend with a knowledge they never will have.. until they learn to tell the truth..  


I am now using GPS to identify anyone using either of my accounts.. no matter what one may have heard.. read.. or studied.. GPS has been accurate to within a few inches accuracy.. since I was in the service! and years before..  

How does it help you?.. turn on your cell phone.. if it is supposed to be LTE and goes to 3G.. go to ‘settings’.. go to ‘Airport’ for five to ten seconds.. turn it off and get rid of the creep who is creeping on your privacy.. you will know they are off when LTE or 4G comes back when you turn airport off.. your expensive account will not be used in that manner again.. you may think.. they do not realize their own obvious.. naked.. criminality!  

If you have a desktop.. go to i cloud ‘find my phone’.. your phone must be on.. if ‘all devices’ is not in your home.. right where it should be.. and say is in a neighbors home.. vehicle.. or where they are walking.. you have a stupid rebellious child who is not yours.. given your support in communications.. the same is true of your cell phone.. if your account does not end where you are.. you are  sure to hear from the criminals.. supporting excuses feigning ignorant conclusions..  conclusions known invalid since before the second world war!  

Do not let them come to your precious minds.. your feelings.. your home.. through such obvious invasion.. research and secure your frequencies.. take no excuse in the face of fact.. folks create delusions.. or are told what to believe.. despite all evidence they ‘go for it’.. invariably and historically finding they wished they had not.. at some later date!  

The strength of our country is in the Constitution.. therein lies any hope of ‘common ground’ in those who devote such lies to partisan politics.. such a thing as freedom cannot be in a dictatorship.. only in truth can there be positive change.. support your privacy.. support the constitution.. privacy and enforcement of communications laws.. it is the responsibility of law enforcement.. lets get it on.. clean it up.. for egalitarian freedom.. for peace.. for security of the hard working.. such as those who lost their homes to medical bankruptcies before Medicare came back to common sense.. how and where you were born will find integrity in truth.. separation of church and state will find integrity and peace in truth.. it will find constructive foundation and love as we build a civilized society..  

Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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