Opine on acts of Donald..


Is this a trail of true?.. ‘yes’ or ‘no’ lies before path end.. you child.. what you must do..

I am an American who believes in the freedoms tendered in our Constitution.  Since the first duty of every serviceman.. police officer.. and citizen, from my view, is to protect the Constitution..  since most state Constitutions reinforce the Constitution of our great country.. I must acquiesce to the truth that law..  the guarantees written therein are a testimony and truth necessary to our freedom..  equality.. and quality of life..

The ‘Donald’ of this time seems to disagree..  he opened his campaign with a promise of an unconstitutional.. discriminatory action..  something to excite the apathetic.. something to drink to in catch phrase mentality..  nothing to be taken beyond..  ‘what is THAT?’..  though truth be known I had seen him in action before..  he was seen here as a rich kid who has never known a hard day..  his definition of a hard day seems to be when anyone disagrees with him..

For two years I watched this person disregard and sully the very sacred document forged by our founders..  

I watched him show impudence in disrespectful statements about our freedoms.. insulting everyone within sound of his words..  converting common sense to a joke..  saying just what he reacted to personally..  just like he knew that no matter how he insulted what is sacred in knowledge and wishes of the great majority of our country.. indeed the world.. he would win the position of President..  

From the Pope to Freedom of the Press he has denigrated everything that makes us free.. engenders equality.. with protections from those who would abuse authority..  he makes a point of ignoring science.. ignoring intelligence (CIA.. NSA etc.).. (when told Russia hacked Democratic Headquarters by 17 security agencies.. according to the networks and foreign news.. his answer was.. ‘he would look into it by Tuesday’.. commenting that the Premier of Russia was a smart man.. how much he himself knew of hacking.. his forthcoming statement was to restructure intelligence communities)..  

Yesterday a Muslim friend and storekeeper asked me about a nickname for Trump.. this is a man who I spoke with during the Bush administration.. he is also a reactionary with several social faces.. (remember what happened to the economy when Bush reigned?)..  I offered ‘impeached’.. on later personal reflection I thought ‘ex president elect’ would be easier to remember and offer less work for those who ‘do not have the time’ to impeach or know how to do this..  

This Donald.. from what I can see.. from what I know.. has.. (as I be repetitious).. disrespected everything American.. I do not think he will grow with the job.. I believe if he had worn a sign saying ‘I am the worst thing for the U.S. short of nuclear holocaust’.. he would have been elected.. are our media minded.. our self indulgent.. our apathetic.. so far away from reality that they cannot sense to see or hear?.. have they lost themselves?..  

I believe in truth.. I believe in Karma for we do indeed create our social own.. are you in agreement with a man who wants to prosecute women for abortion?.. wants to stop planned parenthood.. who wants to build a wall between us and our closest geographical neighbors?.. wants to revert to a situation that leaves ‘hard working Americans’ with no hope for socialized medicine..  something that should be socialized for rich and poor.. cost of war is always  prohibitive..  yet historically something always leads our species to follow that bad example.. defending ourselves from plans set in criminal context.. thereby assessing unwarranted.. unthought out blame.. steering away from responsibility for the greed and mismanagement of what is a social problem..  through history folks used something to ease the confusion of society.. but the liquor lobby.. greed.. the paper industry and so on.. override common sense for inflationary stupidity that we pay for in taxes.. (some of us anyway)..this refers to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and subsequent oppression of what is historically human and a medical problem.. IE in England where Heroin is available thru prescription those incarcerated for drugs are less than 2%.. in California that number has run 75% or more of those incarcerated for drug offenses).. are we so lost you cannot see or believe the weather changes of global warming?..  my greatest hope is that you who live in apathy.. wake up.. give it the old college try.. and peacefully get rid of this threat to what so many have fought and died for.. wars defending against dictators and their delusions.. through our species history..

You who have defended what is precious have my heartfelt support in these times.. I have not been as communicative socially as I would have liked.. I will change this and handle what comes.. the American Way.. 

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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