Down around wino town ‘Sliver’ made a hit.. five dollars made on the bum..  wine to drink and wit.. spoke story.. laughed in Christmas Glory..  a little sun another day.. another run.. from feelings found in yesterways..

At  downtown hotel Minnie Maid set fancy clothes.. for her mistress of naught.. could not blow her nose.. friend was little muppet looked a puppet yea a dog.. who never had a second way.. taken from saddened fog..

All along ‘Screentown Way’ a line of folks learned what to say.. what to do from puppeteers who preached of hatred.. death and tears.. not a thought for history.. nothing left there true.. ja a bunch of dead gamblers bet lives of young and you..  

Somewhere cross a sea in lands love hopes where none had been.. people posing as soulful kill to kill again.. find a mind among them sung of something with a groove.. that takes a way from sunny days as evolution moves..

Battles rattled noise of horror.. year?  it matters not.. when killing done for thrilling marks a name from what was bought.. missiles against thistles true protecting nature force.. a silence waited for seconds to bring with no remorse..   

On the battlefield of millions from some unknown time.. a silence froze sound of all guns.. all killing.. all such crime.. still the ears of any year heard to listen well.. infant cries of hunger come to save such from their hell..

A smiling God laid droids i pods and all such magic toys.. a gift of decent life of hope for all young girls and boys.. ‘Rise children of green world true.. rise to meet your own.. share your wisdom well to learn.. for love is your true throne’..

You may call me any name befalling truth in living games remember as the stars above.. infant rise to sense your love..

That special night in special ways a mistress changed to love in days.. a wino looked found light around.. felt love and put his bottle down.. all around there is a way.. it’s name is found in every day..

Your money cannot buy back crimes as heaven lives in silent rhymes.. listen children.. see you well.. smell to sense the tiny bells.. comes true.. star sky wood songbird path.. weeping love drowns petty wrath..

Sunny day to black as night.. this world Eden true and right.. turns to freeze or melt a day in love your gut marks every way… infant love to last of breath.. eternal love knows naught of death.. 

A humble poet writes of good.. enchanted souls.. magic wood.. instrument of reed and string.. a song that birds of Eden sing.. his ways remembered walked in shoes.. sing peace of love.. love found in blues..

Now I thank powers of strength eternal souls no blame or length.. just a little word or two.. always mean.. ‘friend I love you’..

Another day in life sublime make days ahead as Christmas Time.. Moses turns to Islam Dad says ‘perhaps this need not be sad’.. true turns wonders.. of each throne.. Love saves a world.. none so alone..

‘As my Soul saw love and hate.. it is one soul.. with one true fate’..   

Peace my Brothers.. my Sisters.. Merry Holidays as the Rarity of Hanukkah and Christmas bring us all closer in love..  




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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