R ur Eyes open Yet?


Is this a trail of true?.. the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ lies at path end.. you child.. what you must do..

When I joined the Air Force it was to satisfy something that most young men did.. or had to do.. I bring this to you because I know the WWII vets.. the vets of the civil war.. which freed the slaves in law.. was fought over the right of a state to secede from the union.. any vet of any war knows.. no one wins any war.. we fought those horrible wars to protect our country and constitution.. the first duty of every serviceman and law enforcement officer..

I believe those who paid the ultimate price.. and those of us who survived these political horrors would roll over in their graves seeing the apathetic self-indulgence that has taken our country.. asking questions like.. ‘Do you want a dictatorship?.. or ‘why doesn’t he just put a swastika on his forehead?’.. this is for those of us who believe in peace.. freedom.. and love.. 

During the first eight years of this century I would not get a computer.  The reason?..  there was no expectation of privacy.  When Mr. Bush ran his wartime platform.. which by and large was unacceptable to the majority.. and made sure we went to war.. it reinforced my feelings..  and serious research.. then we.. along with the rest of the world.. found the damage caused by a failed president.. in every way.. in every venue..  

I did some very interesting research on weather control and found that since the fifties of the last century manipulation of weather through cirrus clouds is possible.  So much so that in nineteen seventy nine the U.N. passed a resolution forbidding use of weather for war.  The decades of scientific research I have done was in no small part about ‘paternal validation’ expressed.. I believe this is pertinent to what happened those first eight years of this century.  

The lack of thought and care put into dealing with Katrina was nothing short of ridiculous..  (brand new cars moved to CA on platform trucks and claimed as ‘salvage’.. then sold for profit}.. four thousand dollars given to any person who claimed to be from New Orleans.. I attended some of these ‘windfall distribution lines’ and found (predictably) that many of the recipients had never even been to New Orleans!  

My point here is that apathy and a seeming lack of memory now has us in a situation hard to fathom..  are you all afflicted with a disease?..  in a way we all are.. it is called ‘suggestive media subliminal actions’.. many times unknown to the recipient.  

We now have a president elect who has appointed a white supremacist as part of his staff..  (Lenin was the man who politicized the philosopher Marx’s dream to advantage of nothing more than a dictatorship that was run by Stalin)  It is called ‘totalitarianism’ and around the corner.. under a different name.. from Nazism.  

I believe Reactionary Donald is far more unqualified than Mr. Bush and that is a stretch!  

What is most disturbing is the latent racism that seems to find itself in the minds and hearts of people healing from that disease every time they feel it will not have to be answered in logic.  

We cannot follow bad example and hope to survive.  Trump has now.. if you watch the news.. or talk honestly.. appointed an ISIS military tactician expert to his staff..

I believe the horrors of the last oil wars would be enough to deter sane people from wanting this man as president.  Let us see.. he has threatened concepts of ‘freedom of the press’..  he opened his campaign with a promise of a discriminatory police action against Mexicans.. Muslims.. and from what I have seen.. anyone who is not Donald!  

If you love our country and the freedoms promised in tenet and law in the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.. stop believing what cannot be in the face of fact..  

In a few words.. as many have had to when they discover things of truth that contradict what they thought.. GET OVER YOUR LATENT HATRED.. GET OVER YOUR FEAR OR YOU WILL SURELY FIND IT.. 

The reason and logic is in front of you.. one of the hardest things for a person to do is accept the fact they must change.. admit a mistake and deal with what is.. not what seems in agreement with your unknown motives..  this man could destroy a lot of things very quickly..  he is.. in my observation and opinion.. not capable of having a decent conversation.. listening.. or caring for anything that does not serve his purpose.. we need a caring leader.. not a self indulgent fool..

For the country.. for freedom.. for the concepts of our great constitution.. 

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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