Clowns and Humans.. Rise to Love..


Is this a trail of true?.. the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ lies at the end.. you child.. what you must do..

One thing that I admired about President Obama during his campaign.. and his ongoing presidency is not respond to nonsensical accusations!

I know.. personally.. a great many people who now walk.. or speak.. smile.. because of Obamacare.. it is health care for the financially poor.. who could be so heartless that they do not understand health needs for those used in such uncaring imposition.. the enormous obligations as those created in greed and denial?..

Goals holding us of free.. equal.. and freedom of speech are far more important than paparazzi flash.. ignorance cannot take this election day.. we have seen what happens when one allows those who think the vast majority do not.. (despite the fact folks historically believe what they are told to believe.. this means little to a hungry child!)..

I know my children cry and laugh.. through the years they live their lives.. for pretty much the same reasons as children round the world..  

If any of you find yourselves on the butt end of libel.. accusations.. slander.. and so on.. if you want to find the truth.. remember well in context of truth..   

When someone has nothing to say they play on hatred.. lies.. and confusion..  

When I write of this about how Hillary almost lost the race for presidency I would defer to what my maternal grandfather taught me about arguments he would say in Sicilian.. ‘Don’t ever argue with a fool.. they know more about it!’  

IE Hillary should not have stepped onto his field of lies.. 

The current GOP candidate has reduced this race for an office where a word can kill or save any number of lives.. to a schoolyard game of misdirection and hatred.. leaving the poor a promise of poorer.. as he speaks naught but reactionary.. childish anger.. always out of context or simply untrue..  

I have not heard him mention anything about improving education.. medical care.. or help for the disadvantaged.. except to act as if taking those things away from the needy was not a crime.. despite the fact social cost for these necessities scarcely is noticed when compared to cost of war.. industrial of all kinds and oil funded thugs set horrible example.. why not spend his money on solar power?.. a gift of the universe and science.. not an industrial trap with no meaning.  

Truth and Karma work.. as I live.. as I write this.. I have continually been amazed by this truth.

This self-indulgent candidate kicked off his public campaign by promising a discriminatory.. unconstitutional.. police act against Mexicans.. Muslims.. and just about anything that he can overreact.. in loud accusation to..

He has appealed to nothing but yesterdays mistakes.. he always voiced out of context.. he has criticized medical care and education.. both of which should have been socialized for rich and poor long ago.. fact is.. it is better for the economy.. and our species world round..   

His personal life has consisted of lies spoken in high end restaurants with.. many times.. half wit companions interested in money and usury of those other living people on this earth.. you know.. the ones forgotten except when used in half truths for power and money in spoken disrespect and plain stupidity!..  

I am American.. usury of corruption by keeping folks ignorant needs to change.. it will.. as it historically has.. change naturally.. Still.. we cannot civilize or develop ignoring things recognized as wrong since Pre Socratic times.. .. those who like their delusional world are personally entitled to voice it.. but when greed extends to eternal war continued in civilization by the simple denial of world peace as impossible and war inevitable.. greedy demons who use our species in ongoing excuse with no reason.. their existence literally keeping folks misinformed through primal fear.. as they run and hide.. ignoring their own mirrors..

This is the United States of America.. I see the current GOP candidate for president as a person who will call words saying anything to win.. just to show he can..  

I am a simple poet.. I play music and help life along the way.. whenever I can..

I believe in ‘bringing my unbreakable principles with me when I come.. hard learned.. hard earned’.. to give and understand the protection of the United States Constitution and state constitutions to all within our borders.. ‘regardless of race.. religion.. creed.. or place of national origin’.. 

You lucky enough to be born here have the right to health.. good education.. so our young.. or disadvantaged.. will have the sense not to vote for ‘backyard.. schoolyard.. uninformed.. gossip’.. this is not a game.. this is not the news.. this is your neighbor of however many years.. not having medical care and losing their home to a flipping holding company.. so insurance companies offering nothing but increasing deductibles.. behind closed door deals that dishonor themselves and deceive you by deliberately failing their account holders.. professionals who are more banker than doctors.. or whatever their craft is.. who do nothing beyond perform a financial dance as confused fear uses them as well..   

Even this current poser knows Democratic administrations foster and continue better economies..

More loving care from and for other folks not so delusional.. the ones who are kept in slavery.. from their homes.. in parts of the world forced to fish in caged slavery for high end restaurants and dinner tables the world round..

Why not take a small portion of our topheavy defense budgets world round.. stop war and performance for false pride and ego..

Let us create a reality that gives each child the top status of cutting edge everything..  

Wealth.. delusion.. media minds.. and moral orphans need truth.. so they can never again have to witness such cartoon actions.. or worse.. confused acceptance of such nonsense..

The strength of the United States.. reflects the natural hope of humanity.. such hopes lie in the tenants of our ‘Bill of Rights’.. protecting us from claimed authoritarians.. claimed by virtue of nothing but money.. founded in greed.. excused by nothing more.. obviously.. as currently seen.. never doing good for others who live..

‘Conflict leads to Discovery.. Discovery should never lead to conflict’.. ©AC/2014..  

Vote!.. when you do.. remember what happened when you trusted a thief..

Watch such deceivers who love only themselves.. yet when they look to their mirrors see nothing.. for those of excuse are always too late.. lacking reason for they know nothing of themselves..

War is destruction giving false hope to every crime imaginable..

Being flip with all that protects us from our own species who lean toward cartoon example.. killing.. in untold numbers..

Remember what you where born with.. the ‘Wisdom of an Infant’..

With that and ‘The Golden Rule’ we can and should survive happily in peace!..


Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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