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‘We always, as a species, seem to be emerging from times of ‘great corruption’.. which as a great writer once, so it seemed to me, quipped in title..  ‘Great Expectations’.. which brings me to my favorite quote.. by my favorite hero Einstein.. ‘For any man to portend to be objective is an absurdity’ (Philosophy.1938).. it brings to light subjective meaning.. or subjective ‘self-indulgence’.. which seems to be the cause for historic failure when good seeks truth that would end corruption..  principles fall from a persons heart and mind.. or as ‘Counting Crows’ said.. ‘it’s the heart that matters more’ (me? I just look for a good feeling about what I am doing.. a warm feeling for what is done.. bringing me to a point of ongoing (current) history.. in these thoughts I always have to step back to accept listening to D. Trump.. turning such an important debate into a puerile schoolyard name calling.. threat.. to upstage what is called a ‘debate opponent’..

(since I wanted B. Sanders as a fitting end to corruption.. and for good of our species.. country.. towns.. cities.. diddies.. good for all living things in life.. leader)..

First thing I look for in any elected official is how much they care.. how they recognize need and acquiesce to the living majority and living needs.. somehow this precludes the extremely wealthy and of course the pretentious clowns of voiced.. in any way.. lies.. for they are a waste of time.. the exploitive liars are also.. just that.. how someone can be a thinking.. literate being who votes on nothing more than catch phrases and what is fashionable.. or necessary down at the ol’ beer and union hall is beyond me..  

IE.. ‘I heard down at Joe’s bar that someone heard something from someone’s old ladies cousin just last week”.. 

When Mr. Obama brought Obamacare home there were 33 millions without any legal hope of medical care.. one in seven Americans could afford what was called ‘comprehensive medical care’.. and forget it when long term care is needed in any reasonable measure.. many people regardless of race, religion, creed or place of national origin had a difficult to impossible path to decent medical or dental care.. a college education was either ‘online’ or expensive beyond anything that could be called ‘good business’.. many students having to settle for ‘trade schools’ and count themselves lucky.  

(ie: again to fondle the wishes of industry and foul the atmosphere.. oceans.. deny obvious global warming.. all for the mighty dollar and other.. inedible by living things ‘toys’..  imposed with a total lack of moral voracity.. simply to perform and impress others satisfying fashionable societies)..

(God.. please let us move quickly toward the natural gift of solar energy) 

Personally I think we should socialize all medicine and education for rich and poor. If that were the case people worldwide could not be fooled by gossip wielding.. privately reasoned carney barkers and grifters in all modes of society..

That education and the rich understanding would remove any political use and false comparisons of cost for needed things.. food.. clean water.. education.. medicine.. as compared to the cost of war.. (over a redundant source of energy.. oil).. owned by a few.. and ‘bribed to truth’ in a perpetual lie as to who is doing what to whom..  

Then there is the matter of genocidal ‘ethnic cleansing’.. who sets those fanatical confused.. (crazies) into action creating great splashes.. from the attack on Poland .. an ugly criminal manic act of what was false entitlement portrayed in armed robbery and murder.. to Pearl Harbor.. to 9/11.. from the lax marine gate guard who brought the suicide bombing of U.S. Barracks in Lebanon.. on to the reactionary shelling of Beirut..  it truly is all in the name of usury.. it is the puppeteer who made the mold.. redone countless times in mankind’s history and evasion of responsibility when there is so much to happily.. truthfully.. constructively do..

There is much each one can be proud of.. you who find joy in life are in far greater numbers!.. love and joys that keep us going.. was it during that time when the Egyptians realized their Pyramids had a use other than an enormous monument to a Pharaoh known more for posterity and excess in these times?.. that brought the forming of a ‘banking industry’.. securing their valuables in these great Sandstone Vaults.. lending for interest that became obscenely bad business.. onto confiscating property.. life and limb.. to destroy empires.. democracies.. mixing state and church with diasporic migrations?  


Was it simply mankind running from the last set of lies set forth for self indulgent greed.. throughout historical content of mankind?.. seems to fit.. 

What is disturbing is the same greed from the ancient time when banking was formed.. to the money lenders of biblical fame.. to the first decade of the 21stc.. once again.. destroying the economy at any cost to satisfy a primal greed born of fear!.. our country having a strong military presence to win.. what?  

Nothing.. for.. 

‘If we do not move in truth.. we do not move!’  ©AC.11.Oct.2016

I have to thank each of you who find joy in the simple drawing of breath.. whether on a Harley-Davidson.. a surfboard or digging whatever your row is to find joy in the fruits of gifts without end in life.. hold to the truth.. hold to love in foundation.. it is simpler and more easily understood than any lie uttered in greedy contrivance.. 

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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