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Reading King I appreciated his quality to create.. never failing to make a clear definition between what is true and what is false.. what is right and what is soooo evil.. In light of the ‘latest and greatest’ fool I would again., suggest reading ‘The Dead Zone’.. a warning for those who would trump a good game with hidden cards..

‘Hello M. Bernays’ said industry with salt.. down came education trashing minds right to a fault.. ignorance come confusing refusing to see.. when it comes to naming names.. they cry ‘it ain’t me’.. still a bitter pill though old as time itself.. result insult each life as mold on every shelf..

Bobby was a teen who saw ‘James Dean’ as something cool.. through the fifties loves and passion knew ‘The Golden Rule’.. just a little kindness ‘never mindness’ shows no way.. yet those greats near greats and fates confused his every  day..

Dreams of leather seams on saddles silver on the horn.. riding home to unknown yet felt since moment born.. bring a ring of truth felt deep inside heart of a soul.. felt beyond words uttered in performance of a role..

‘Read the papers’ said the gapers eyes askew and more.. cartoon dancers behind iris hide a hidden score.. something proving what is grooving somewhere sometime when.. a loud unproud leads parades to shroud clucking hens..

Now a boisterous give no choice to us or anyone.. that says a thing that will not bring those things he has not done.. inbred seems a crazy head glad that he ain’t here.. extorting hate.. threatening.. advertising fear..

Children pray in every way.. as you have never done.. to the center enter focus your God every one.. remember.. have a care to share and live what all can see.. we got a challenge every day.. to live love.. living free..

Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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