O.J. a few considerations..



Enjoy the movie.. read the book.. as a novel.. remember these things.. from one who investigated, as concerned citizen/reporter, and watched every day of the trial.. when you are done you may understand the depth of racism and how it affects and brings down a country with such great ideals.. a wonderful promise of freedom as ours..

When I first heard of the heinous crime of murder against these two young folks it saddened me.  When I followed the investigation.. though there were thousands of facts that seemed pertinent then.. these still stand out in my mind..

1.  Remember this is a sloppy crime with a short timeline.

2. Barring a passerby who was the killer.. Whoever killed Nicole and Ron was most certainly in the restaurant where Goldman worked when he received the phone call about the glasses left there by Nicole.  

3.  It is  an equally good bet that the perp knew Nicole.  

4.  Ron worked in a restaurant frequented by police officers.  

5.  The lead investigator, Mark Fuhrman, in the Simpson case, admitted planting evidence and was convicted with no time on condition he leave the state.  

6.  There was no mention of any blood evidence until after O.J.’s first arrest.  

7.  The limo driver who was scheduled to take O.J. to the airport arrived early.. around 10:20 P.M.  Long minutes before the actual murders.. (about 20).. he saw no one leave O.J.’s home.. or return.. neither did any residents of that Street.  (those of you so interested.. or who live in W.L.A know Bel Air is a gated community).

8.  Simpson and Nicole did not have a ‘violent relationship’.  Any of you who have been through a bad breakup will know there are arguments.  The one time that police came out for noise and possible domestic violence the lead investigator in the murders was the respondent. 

8a. There was testimony of a man who lived across the street from Nicole Brown Simpson.. every evening the neighbor.. who lived on the second floor.. would let his dog out onto the balcony to ‘do his business’.. the man timed this by a news broadcast he watched each night.  The night of the killings he testified to seeing a four door dark sedan.. blue or green.. parked in front of Nicole’s at that time of the murders.. this testimony.. for some reason.. was suppressed.  These Matadors.. Fords and Chrysler Corp. cars were favored by LAPD detectives.

9.  Brian Gerard AKA ‘Kato Kaelin’ was a known coke user and indeed appeared tweaked when he testified to ‘hearing a noise’ from his room behind O.J.’s home.  He shook during testimony.. drank water continually and his eyes were dilated. Drug addicts these days.. or those found in possession are many times without character when they see a way out.. the perfect dupe.

10.  Let us now lend some time to the fourth amendment.   Legally the investigators violated the fourth amendment when they ‘went over the fence’ without waiting for a warrant.  That should have been enough to suppress one of.. what I believe to be.. one of the most obvious, racially based frame ups I have ever seen or read about.. and.. I have seen the deep South in the old days.. the bad old days.  The news showed photos of O.J.’s bedroom turned upside down.. then implied that was how he lived.  Quite to the contrary he lived a clean.. neat home.

11.  Immediate news reports had conflicting times about when the bodies were discovered.  The criminalist arrived around 1100 hours the following day!  

12.  During the months that followed I did a little investigating of my own.  During his best days as an athlete.. under the best of conditions.. O.J. could not have traversed the distance to Nicole’s condo.. committed the murders.. then ran home.. there simply was not time.  No one can be in two places at once.  All evidence.. not supposition.. evidence.. shows he was home.. there was no reason to doubt it.  Racism is a powerful and sometimes unwitting accomplice to some of the most horrible misconceptions in our world.  This is one of them.  

13.  After 6 years of separation O.J., or any ‘abusive’ spouse would have been 3600% less likely to regress to a violent act.. in an abusive relationship.. (extrapolated from government and university statistics on such matters which say chances of regression to violence decrease 600% with every year of separation!)

13.  Mark Fuhrman, lead investigator.. (though it was said Van Adder his partner led).. was at one time an aspiring writer.  He, M.F, had contacted a female grad student in North Carolina for help in writing a book about his experiences as a homicide detective. The young woman who had worked with him feared him so.. according to news reports.. she had to be extradited in answer to subpoena to testify at the trial.  She brought forty two tapes.  After listening to them Judge Ito allowed eight to be heard by the jury.  All of them covered thoroughly M.F.s racial bigotry.. with statements like.. from news sources.. ‘I would like to kill the niggers.. pour gasoline on them and burn them all!’  Sounds like.. and were the words of a ranting bigot.  A man who probably found O.J. and Nicole, as a couple, reprehensible. He certainly hated O.J. enough to plant evidence.. violate his 4th amendment rights.. and so on.  (It occurs to me that 15 years as a homicide detective made him privy to a lot of information.. perhaps some of it pertinent to city powers)  

14.  I saw the photos of Ron and Nicole.  Whoever did that was a sick monk.  O.J. had years of living with Nicole to harm her and years after if that was his goal.  His football brilliance spoke of his eloquent ability to plan.. and a hell of a lot of discipline.  He may have the capacity to kill.. as we all do.. but legally the law was done in this case when Fuhrman went over the wall.. violating his fourth amendment rights. (quotes from F. Lee Bailey and  Dean Ulman.. Dean Ulman being dean of constitutional law at Stanford University at the time.. both brilliant in their fields and in the case of Dean Ulman certainly of high integrity and honor!  I do not have background on F. Lee Bailey but his reputation is without peer!)  

15.  The so called lawsuit charging  O.J. with ‘wrongful death’ appeared to be.. and in fact was..  a travesty.. a case of double jeopardy.   This would be argued but Santa Monica had a hell of a time getting a jury.   They could not even find twelve ‘citizens’ to sit.. settling for a jury of eight.  

16.  I have seen a lot of things in my time.. I remember this as a crucifixion of a good man and a dreary statement of corruption.. abuse of power.. made possible by racism.

17.  I wonder when folks will believe what they see.. not what makes them comfortable for the moment.  A new book that still ties it to O.J. through a ‘long lost son’.. is now on sale.. saying he.. (the son) was of ‘killing age’ at the time..  who knows?.. I may have a son unbeknownst to me.. it would probably be mutually unknown.  

But really folks.. enough with the bigotry.. it is ignorant and self-defeating..

Peace Tony 



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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