Bully Rumpus..

Bobby gone!


Laid on grass.. dawn.. morning sunlight.. stretched.. studied the clouds.. thoughts flew here and there in time.. facts passed on to time’s shroud.. there were always bullies some who never saw a chance.. there were some of brains.. and looks.. a cool name such as ‘Lance’..

Little words barely heard to classrooms delight.. each young with a gift some sung.. some lost in fearful night.. names attaining funny fame razberrys sudden true.. a laugh for sake of sharing.. not aimed at me or you..

Boys and girls our brand new world each second is a school.. every child.. tame or wild.. needs paths.. love founded rules.. trust your gut.. hot looking butts.. things brought unique at birth.. each day presents a challenge.. not ‘chores’.. nor money worth..

Given life for seconds.. could be decades years times ten.. flows on to each new dawn fated paths meet truthful men.. gift you are no matter clothes.. fashions.. what said bout Mars.. fool resents life.. needles.. alleys.. places.. types of bars..

Come home late each Friday night.. talk paparazzi way.. a source of no news is good news.. suggestible in play.. ‘I know nothing of politics’ says ‘Bully the thief.. runs from things he fears like an old football on relief..

‘tailgate tailgate pass beer weight fat looks big and strong.. react to nothing.. make a wish.. protect me from all wrong’.. behind the next battlements.. on mountains.. high in trees.. Bully rubs hands fierce as his nightmare comes to be..

Bully takes marbles but never learned the game.. seeks to win as fate still spins.. fate for another’s name.. uses fear.. protects those little dears from what he knows.. nothing fear can never cure.. tunes fearful horn-song blows..

Spends a lot shouting.. still.. no fix can be a bet.. writes bad plays unthinking fear.. to take what he can get.. when evil comes there is no doubt shout out mouths of fear.. peace precludes such rude dudes calm reason holds truth dear.. 

Bully lives and dies in laughs.. in cries.. love takes his path.. no matter quips.. financial whips.. threats dreamed up in the bath.. folks tell your children not to fear.. take your turns wide.. seconds in this gifted life.. brave.. love and honest pride..

Mistakes.. impossible outtakes.. set only to impress.. folks who will not be bothered.. adding to the mess.. another path is mended.. tended.. life.. till one departs.. heart and mind same ones they find they brought here from the start..  

Who is in the mirror?.. Antelope?.. Wolf.. light blind mole.. unique when true action speaks.. a gifted human soul..

Across bridge of performance.. trying to evolve.. in front of motors screens with keys.. eternity to solve..

You have a chance to dance as who and what you are.. no threat or fear..  words or tears.. best wished on a star..

Dreams the maker who made you.. each one’s own they say.. is best formed in good shown.. love a goal at work or play.. avoid mistakes in words and fakes expressed in bully fear.. no hateful fence.. fearful nonsense.. can stop life fine and clear..

Given laughter.. given tears..

Peace Tony

ps:  Today.. behind some kind of threat.. yet to be defined by the news.. or anyone else.. the Los Angeles Unified School District closed 900 schools.. for today..

I do understand caution.. for those who threaten have shown how little they remember of their humanity.. still.. one way to defeat liars.. killers.. those who promise nothing and promulgate fear.. is to remain strong in principle..

Do not react to threats or let primitive greed hide behind a religion the ‘Grand Poobah’ and his ‘minions’.. by simple word definition.. could not believe.. do not let these hateful.. ‘moral orphans’ set the stage for anything..  rather choreograph your own dance.. as ‘The King’ Elvis Presley sang.. ‘Don’t Be Cruel’.. AHC


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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