Isis.exe?.. Puleeze..

A smile for the pile


Veterans Day.. did a poem.. thought of friends living and dead.. noticed an update from Windows.. 14 of them.. I reviewed them.. checked details.. checked Digital ID’s and did the update..

Coming back from a necessary? restart.. Windows would not start.. according to ‘Intel’ my security.. I had been hacked..

On top to this my CD player on my desktop would not open.. a glitch that happens to some older Dell models.. (a tip.. open the outer door manually.. to the right of where the disc holder is on the upper part.. there is a tiny hole.. unmarked.. it seems to be some kind of reset..

(found on the net that inserting an opened paper clip and poking slowly.. gently.. up to two inches.. while pushing the open/close button/lever repeatedly.. slowly.. gets it open)

On to the hack and subsequent investigation.. the file inserted was called.. ironically.. yet appropriately.. ‘Isis.exe’.. then in manipulation of the old LSA (Local Security Authority).. a true pain in the ass.. file from a windows ‘gold partner’.. took out the ip drivers..

The fix was a matter of coming back to signin options.. choosing your operating system.. hitting F8 and then going to ‘repair computer’.. after signing in.. (only my personal program worked>> (the other two being Mcafee.. and Homegroup for the sign in).. there are options.. the reset to another time was a bust.. I tried from several points.. I went to restore image and got some progress..

I did go to ‘regedit’ and found the culprit.. did some investigation without opening more than necessary.. went back and reinstalled Windows 7.. it collapsed and I had to reinforce Windows Vista to a point.. then Windows 7 was accepted.. so far so good..  

Then.. after a couple of victory hoots on my part..

I went in to share my info with those who may be affected.. there was another ‘important update’.. on checking it said it prevented possible remote control of my desktop.. I checked the ‘details’.. ‘further info’ and the digital ID which ‘Could not be confirmed’.. but checked out on viewing and did this update.. against my gut..

My gut was right.. I repeated.. with certain variables the first procedure and did not do that ‘important update’ again.. I scanned it.. and hid it..

I do not think this was random.. but.. on the chance it was I may save some of you two or three days stressful work..

My reasoning in thinking it may have been personal are the ‘charmers’ who keep wiretapping my account dsl/phone line.. getting angry when I prosecute.. or begin legal action.. ‘another story but a sad one when one considers the nature of the internet security.. or any security.. and present attitudes of self-centered.. don’t give a damn for other people’..

They have tapped my phone/dsl line for nine years.. to get Verizon to do anything.. though Verizon’s overall phone/software service is great.. goes like this..

‘A technician.. who seems to ignore on command such things.. or is blind.. has to come.. see the tap.. notify Verizon security.. who verifies what both me.. as customer.. the techie.. and I saw.. to get the Los Angeles Police to respond to something illegal in every venue of law in the U.S. and most other countries.. a prescription for inaction and laziness..

I hope this posting helps if this is a widespread hack procedure.. I have not heard from any other PC users in my neighborhood.. of such a malady on their equipment.. and of course my old MAC was unaffected..  

AS Always.. I wish you..

Peace Tony

P.S.  why anything would be named after the Pigs of Murder.. ‘Isis’.. is beyond me.. maybe they truly are that dark and stupid.. T.C.




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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