Gotta Be..

tony-0032.jpgYears of tears.. social fears.. smells tell of the tale.. poorest social jurist.. makes a gentle breeze a gale.. pointing while disjointing lives he cannot comprehend.. compare’ every sorry as he lies to every friend..

Seems his eyes follow dreams of dictators past.. compares himself to others.. an excuse that cannot last.. disrespect to protect illusion he has learned.. violate.. social masturbate.. his lies lathed polished turned..

’til he sees truth.. more likely.. busted.. sued.. chained.. burned..

Admit? he calls sorry shit.. calls ‘weak’ a social need.. invade.. his lie parade.. to build those thrilled by words he made..

Words of ‘hero’.. words of safety.. spoken lies in crime.. every war.. each robbed drug store.. violates rights each time..

Mother.. ‘Daddy can I have this toy?.. each child at school.. has one.. I can fit in.. makes me feel pariah fool.. if I have this fashion.. came a-crashin’ just last week.. recess will be less a mess.. I can play and speak..

‘Now we do not know if we can really afford.. let me see the best prices for good service Good Lord.. we do not have money honey.. know it may sound rough.. but the cost.. vacations lost.. we do not have enough’..

‘Uh Huh’ said the child of blackmail.. resentment and spoils.. law bent with not one dime spent.. bubble where many boil..

Checked around..  in words and sound what he would know.. expected worst he found excuse for his stealing show.. ‘violate privacy?’ he scoffed.. ‘we would never try!’.. 

Privacy left for his victim privacy that dies..

Accused a man of substance his lies would be believed.. as he planned to violate private worlds.. defraud deceive

friends who share his world in ‘standard deviation’.. his private home becomes refuge a ‘Nazi Destination’

As things learned in school go South.. money strikes again.. invited.. never righted.. nothing lies.. from greed he tends..

comes in light of dawn.. again invades at night.. stupidly this exercise paints dark over delight..

To the air.. you scream ‘unfair’ look for one to blame.. rights violate crime.. arrest with time.. in this sorry game..

Knew a lot of folks done lots of time for having grass.. told a lot of jokes about centuries unsensed that pass..

Saw worlds illusion spent on minds dumbed down to blind.. many lost years.. rights violated.. done by confused minds..  

Now a time of reckoning.. now a time to file.. law of rights are beckoning.. civil rights my style..

Time come for truth vaccine.. rights die with lies so fed.. inject respect.. to sick of soul.. insane who lost their heads..

Ration my compassion.. illusion they defend.. what for.. are they really bored?.. with no mind left to spend?..  

Forest best in energy.. flowers purple kings.. innocent calm I write.. as peaceful songbirds sing.. 

Thank fates.. never hesitate.. must move to truth a trail.. stopped to lend these words for friends illusion quick runs stale..

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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