Comeuppance coming..

You long time readers.. and those of you who believe in privacy.. know the problems engendered in these times of what I call ‘moral orphans’..  with the decision we made to prosecute those who violate our rights.. so simply in pretentious stupidity.. I have written this is.. a letter.. among others sent to community leaders.. legislators.. and those who are devoted to a private home.. and communications.. these types have been tapping my phone.. without cause.. except to use our account.. and monitor it with no permission.. much less the necessary court order.. 

Thursday, ‎14 ‎May, ‎2015 08:34:28
Letter of Action and Criminality in Communications..

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Hello.. (to qualify my knowledge and position)

I was a radio operator in the United States Air Force.. having 6 months of training and eighteen months of service in the VN conflict..

I am familiar and recognize security compromises..

with frequencies.. what modulates them.. their range.. and of course hard lines.. (something I learned in cub scouts.. electric shop.. and of course.. military training.

As a civilian.. for a time.. I was a ‘framer’ for the phone company..bout the time Ma Bell was the head local service.

During the last twenty years or so there has been enormous pretense and law breaking in the area of everything from illegal corporate procedure.. to ‘subcontractors’ who installed on corporate lines.. that where leased by responsible account holders..

Only to be invaded..

I am easy to contact.. in this building alone.. in the last eight years.. I have cut four illegal lines crossing mine.. when there was no help coming otherwise..despite multiple complaints and evidence..

I have had ‘technicians’ Verizon and phonies.. lie to me in my own home.

I photographed and recorded what I could.

My point is that I had no privacy.. none. There are four apartments in this building.. by circumstance alone.. repeated and recorded variables.. there is a strong case.

Whatever their intentions.. they have been violating my right to privacy.. (something that should be a precursor to any communications law for the public)..

A government agency cannot tap my line without a court order.. or damned good immediate cause.

These are criminal actions against our home.. rented as it is.. enabling.. of course.. is also against the law.

Right now.. to the great relief of those who believe in our Bill of Rights.. there is a bill before the U.S. Legislators to regain and destroy any illegal private phone records obtained by the NSA.. good..

The people who do this to their neighbors.. behind pretense.. social extortion and lies.. do not think of themselves as criminals…

I welcome legal immigrants.. unfortunately the greatest amount of violators I have dealt with.. by undoing the damage done to my account.. have been those born into other cultures.. and.. of course,., the inherent rebellion that comes with the young.. those I call.. in these times.. ‘moral orphans’..has been an ongoing problem as they define.. those who understand what they are worth.. their principles.

I am calling this very real problem to the attention of our community again.

Whatever their mouth.. or lack of reason says.. whatever the lie presented.. however they mitigate the truth.. they are doing this for money and nothing more..

In the two and a half years I worked to clean the alleys of debris.. in areas common to us all.. here in Mar Vista.. I found cooperation from tenants.. homeowners.. management companies and just about everyone.. for who likes trash on the ground?

I was validated and happy to see the improvements.. as is shown by how the alleys remain clean!!


I recommend rattling pretentious corporate bullying.. (there was.. and may still be a corporate policy to hook up Time Warner lines to Verizon junction boxes.. as Verizon did not disconnect ‘hot’ lines when the accounts where terminated.. after all.. as magazines make money on ads.. these types make money on data.

Frequency Modulate and Amplitude Modulate.. am and fm.. are ways to change and manipulate data into what appear to be salable packages..

I disagree! How can I use wifi or even bluetooth.. how can I give my passwords to those who cannot be trusted not to steal.. or lie.. I pay for my account every month..

These thieves share with God knows who.. for social validation.. ‘cleverness’.. and a total lack
of respect for my civil right to privacy.. State and Federal.

I think our neighborhood deserves better.. the Bill or Rights was a long time ago.. and still the most pertinent for wealthy and .. financially or socially disadvantaged.. time to stop deluding ourselves.

They will not stop stealing for money until they are stopped..

There are.. once again.. direct lines to Verizon Fraud.. I am going to give my neighbors a chance to air their position in Federal.. State.. and Civil courtrooms.. there are.. of course.. those of short memory.. self-indulgent illusion.. those who ‘aint gonna learn what they don’t want to know’.. being a country boy perhaps I did not explain it well enough.. so on to those who have that job.

They also do not have the ability to ask permission.. this communique is longer than I intended..


One more thing..

I find it just awful that if a Verizon Technician calls their security.. they call police who respond immediately.. prosecuting for fraud.. misdemeanor or felony..

For eight years.. through multiple complaints.. prosecution has been mitigated.. in some cases by nothing more than gossip..

I have been lied to.. had my phone tapped.. been stolen from in account usage.. not to mention the enormous nuisance daily.. and invasion of my privacy..

I have had my cell monitored so I could not call my bank.. or the institution where my retirement goes.,.

I have asked one question of 2000 folks.. all ages.. cultures and financial position.. ‘do you value your privacy?”.. the answer was invariably YES!!

I asked a thousand folks if they wanted someone on their software without their permission.. the answer.. of course was NO!

I am an American who believes our strengths lie in our freedoms.. I am not going to wait for this to become worse.. they will not stop.. let alone pay what they owe.. until ordered.. legally to do so..

I can help with pointers and information to help those so affected clean up their lines.. make them private.. and impress on those who need be impressed.. privacy is a right..

Peace Tony.. (Anthony H. Capper)

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