Down to it..


Tell it true as me.. and you.. their blame from times done.. told.. exchange unique for social speak.. drunk passion for the gold.. 

Expectation says ‘elation’ never can be sure.. way down deep.. inside it creeps.. your dreams should fly.. glide pure..  

Simple.. pretty as a dimple on cheek of your love.. attitudes in cyberstorm all sides.. below.. above..

Move it straight down path of yours.. always better ways.. for the blinded.. absent- minded.. young in social haze..

For the downtown.. stuck uptown.. blind drunk in never mind.. frustrate sick.. a dirty needle picks a deadly find..

Pretty daughter.. father father.. see what blame they give.. precious girl.. uncaring worlds.. another hooker lives..

Leader claims to be a feeder of hungry.. so poor..  our dark angel protects well.. see strong love still and pure..

Factor actors growling outside wooden doors.. again they promise wealth in gold.. trophy walls and more..

Speak of things unknown.. uncared for.. money.. greed so cold.. how can they understand?.. freezing from the fold.. 

‘Will they care for starving?.. dirty water sick?.. will live peace.. small money cost.. best living take all tricks?..

Will they learn to back up.. wide view action.. then the cost.. or blunder yet again to crime of war.. where all lost?…

Change has held survival when rabble wabbles loud.. cost.. war making money.. no example.. nothing proud..

Small behind thick walls in rooms of gold they try to steer.. A world with something true to say.. sick of blame and fear..

Time to lend a hand.. I say.. to those fearful unsure.. time to let all people know their mirror holds the cure..

Out of time we come to now.. each moment life brings fate.. as they say.. ‘time starts now’.. our peaceful world awaits..  


‘I do not know one person that disagrees with concepts of privacy.. peace.. freedom of expression.. and the other things we know to develop from birth.. I do not know one person who thinks hypocrisy is a thing to be proud of..


For the smallest financial reward.. a petty kudo from one unknown.. one will sacrifice honor.. self-awareness.. acting in contradiction to what they know.. how they want to be seen.. usually for an immediate.. sometimes costly convenience..



Creating inner conflict.. for it is in conflict with what they know.. and believe..

Those who say.. ‘yeah right.. it really is going to matter what I do’.. aside from the things pointed up earlier in these written words..

most importantly..

This type of behavior expressed in politics has enormous cost.. deadly for some.. damaging for others.. hurting education.. medicine.. economies.. causing sane folks to forget simple mathematics.. confuse themselves.. and send such to their progeny to be used.. in foolish expectation

again and again..

For you see.. if those liars where correct we would have what we need.. on the way to what we want.. as who we are..



Historically that has never worked.. nor will any premise lacking truth go anywhere but back to the lie that created it..

Something done in usury.. something done in deceit.. is going to die useless.. drowned.. screaming in defeat.. 

Peace Tony





About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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