Storied true..



Trepidation is detour played in unknown fear.. size apprize tantalize when new unknown is near..

Good trust never busts a crust of living breathing true.. fact is where to claim an act.. not known is lied to you..

Old ideals.. blame.. appeals.. excused as time ticks on.. never gonna change wear of a rock.. where truth has gone..

Edit credit of the due as morning comes once more.. trust in a young childs eyes is love we all live for..

Television geniuses praying on to ‘Spock’.. standing on deep jello ponds.. true witnesses stand rocks..

When in pain.. mind not quite sane.. doc writes Rx applied.. not politics.. not money.. not fear sold in a lie..

Got to plan fellow-man.. you women.. what you know.. hungry.. thirsty.. sick in need.. seem free in lies that grow..

Call it when you see it.. try to be a little kind.. poor souls who fear truth run insane fear chains their minds..

In the wisdom of an innocent.. old of long roads.. stand confusion as yourself.. in time your only load..

Is remorse.. a battered course of peace one never found.. your love is purpose.. hold it true.. shiny.. kept around..

Bind each true.. each social absolute recruits a path.. of promise.. of the certain.. joyful laughter at posed wrath..

Done once slowly.. done once well.. done certain and real.. done.. you are the only one.. unique in how you feel..

Meet one angry.. sad confusion.. social as can be.. show a map to those so lost.. no cost in seeking free..

In time.. free you will be..


‘In doing some research on internet addiction I found this item.. I quote.. In RE ‘multitasking’..

‘The human mind cannot process 2 or more high level complex cognitive tasks simultaneously’..

I found this trying to understand why someone would entertain themselves on someone else’s communication systems.. when the owner of the equipment needs be asked for permission.. and such permission received.. to relieve one from legal/moral culpability.. they fatalistically proceed their intended criminal direction.. the probable cost of fraud arrest.. also.. everything attained in felony actions against another users rights.. is taken and given to the provider.. the victimized end user.. going wherever the jurist decides it should go..

In decades of always fighting for civil.. living.. and sensible rights..

I found over addressing such inconsiderations exacerbates them in some excuse or another.. leading to blame of another person or situation.. rather than doing it right to begin with.. or it seems.. God forbid.. ‘learning’.. 

Politics aside.. please.. I found the greatest offenders of privacy rights.. to be youngsters.. immigrants.. and those who use such impositions on their rights as reason for their own malfeasance..  

As has been sung and said.. ‘Teach your Children Well’.. I add.. ‘it is foolish to take example from that which is wrong.. find your purpose in the best.. finest actions of your time.. not petty misplaced revenge or flight from guilt.. misunderstood romance.. and expectations of those who think to be so..

Send your love forward.. thus done.. it will ripple and grow..

Peace Tony




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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