For all we sense.. all we feel.. there can be but one true reality..
For all we sense.. all we feel.. there can be but one true reality..

Early  dawn light coming on.. dream sleep.. morning air.. quiet forest.. birds silent..

is there something there?..  

Marble fountains under mountains ten miles to the East.. steady to my Swansong on a road living peace..

West test every story known.. shrunk or grown to size.. pride speaks ‘lest the glory’ social punks suck up surprise..

Under numerator alligator known to all.. the ‘odd and even’ say Gods leavin’..  known as memory calls..  

Physical is going know a glow one stage you show.. maze days unique to speak what only one can know.. 

‘Till a sage turns a page.. never ever late.. when maze turns to straight drawings.. a soulful road meets fate..  .

Crazy round a Maypole. one past from one before.. memory to sage or rage.. one time.. just one.. no more..

Windows fade then open dreams built in tales of you.. see you outside circles drawn for a freedom due..


‘our genetic codes in image of certainty will never be changed by anything social.. endemic or pandemic.. instead of bringing society to primal.. primal needs be understood and acquiesced to in each life..without this primal need in ‘social understanding’  it seems we are more ‘comfortable’ in the jungle..

Peace Tony





About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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