Young bloody Warrior..

Unique each of us.. On the ocean of living things..

Unique each of us.. On the ocean of living things..












Morning desert sun dunes look at mountains as I rise.. dog barks in my ear.. colors like home to my eyes.. early ever early ready meet killer.. protect.. primitive.. no territory.. nothing circumspect..

All the ‘Runyonesque’ in image.. never saw New York.. swine hating.. old world debating.. beating old dead pork..

Grandma comes to speak she cared for me.. I listen well.. lessons of greed.. thievery.. killers make their hell..

Run to honor.. run to brave.. survival serves my life.. movies fade in smoke.. all cartoons of gun and knife..

Grandpa serenades foothills an old Sicilian score..  understood world round.. ’bout politics and war..  

As you drive in victory.. maniacs in tune.. politics will lose flavor.. I will tend your wounds.. movie film.. or digital.. burned as in a play.. war leaves stink reminder those who never walk away..

As Lord Byron with a cause.. honor brought to free.. with Italian brothers.. freedom lived he would not see..

Not for those who war in gold.. forgot primal cause.. forgiven by another.. then to home.. must wash your paws..  

Send you off to fight for others in a foreign land.. ripple forward.. time in balance.. none will understand..

Warmongers who never fight.. bought then slave so told..  despite Gods.. tech and pretense.. as with warriors of old..

Now with solid reason living treason takes a bow.. young there.. meet another over Gods..  not one will plow..

One thing known in heart and mind.. nothing here to sell.. except love of a species.. truth to lies others may tell..

Brothers sisters.. infants.. children wise in innocence.. blood does not make sand rich earth.. only fearful fence.. perhaps fate will give something.. turn your heart to peace.. a loved one in dead bodies.. frozen in bloody release..

You of knowledge.. you of training.. you of purpose strong.. your purpose peaceful.. to protect.. never make it wrong.. time passes.. eyes unveiled.. turn to turn again.. seen two decades gone..  a stage of greedy fools called men..

Bless you bloody warriors.. twenty years or ten.. be you good and decent.. sharp of eye.. true spoken friend.. listen heart.. personal.. forgetful.. war may start.. fancy toys.. guns.. honor sacred hold you to your part..

Be you proud in action.. decent in the war.. if war demands.. come to your hands.. as on home floor..

Never torture.. don’t suppose.. presume.. take corners wide.. pray you bloody warriors.. fail to see the ‘other side’..

I am writing a book.. fiction based on most serious fact.. some text.. on one page.. set from twenty years observation of what I named.. ‘grass roots corruption’..

Thought.. ‘yes.. as I stumbled through strange duplicity.. saw world leaders in schoolyard games.. arguing a purposeless stage set in their name.. it occurs they must have used their ‘people’.. as it happened.. as it continues to happen.. the uncaring putz becomes more and more apparent.. they must have known.. so they prepared.. taking ‘professional’ advice.. they moved forward to protect image and nothing more.. under the pretense of what they always say.. and negative campaigns.. it occurs to me that a couple of ‘test runs’ were publicly done.. perhaps to test validity for inertia of what they have known.. they can trick people.. instilling belief in nothing more than social validation and what they are told.. it has never worked in history.. the self-indulgent obviousness of it makes me wonder at how far the ‘dumbing down’ of our fair species has come.. word.. never trust a thief.. everything became suspect.. from war to weather.. to business.. and those blinded by insanity.. 

on to now.. Just the other day I heard the Conservative Governor of  the State of Utah.. say something to the effect that ‘the public is ready for a ‘hostile takeover’ of D.C.’.. it is typical rabble rousing nonsense.. negative campaigns that promise nothing.. guaranteeing that people like that remain in power.. powerful in pretense and nothing more.. uttering useless statements in a seeming fear of being human.. as with all of us.. I would be remiss and irresponsible to allow myself to be used by what I see as the plaid.. polished cotton sport jacket car salesman posing as a leader..

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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