True Duckchick..

A man somewhere..Each unknown day brought challenge.. no challenge comes.. no true living.. in lies.. self-serving or otherwise..

A man somewhere..Each unknown day brought challenge.. no challenge comes.. no true living.. in lies.. self-serving or otherwise..

Little duck.. little chicken.. no pickin’ the truth.. over any lie a human told..

Piddle of the pickle lies apprise another soul.. who sells their honor cheaply for the gold..

Musing past.. present abuse of true.. back forty years.. when Mama could not see what sister smoked..

Pity does not tell the truth.. only how I care.. my legal rights are true.. never a joke..

‘True Duckchick’.. you accept cannot pick mama true.. first life sensed is mama love for life.. can you stop by?.. give a class.. some just will never see.. a lie cannot be severed with a knife..

Teach those fools who think to kill.. show the inner mind.. please teach those so anxious to forget..

Preaching makes them nervous.. like the senate.. corrupt bills.. a calm truth in the pretty love I pet..

Constant is the written word.. constant is a true.. tell it to the pretense of false pride..

Teach ignorant of lying.. young cultures.. and child.. a constant true we need here to abide.. 

Thought.. ‘seven and a half years ago I saw how folks abuse my right to privacy.. calling my provider they put my line directly to my jack.. as it continued through the most obvious lies.. pretense and criminal action.. I documented what was happening.. I eventually.. in 2008 called Verizon Fraud.. they informed me they would do what I already had done.. photo the offending line.. then they would call the police arresting offending parties for felony fraud.. my neighbors.. see the problem?..

In an effort to acquiesce to what could never be.. I looked.. checked.. on occasion disconnected my ‘neighbors’ service by simply cutting a bootleg line in my locked junction box.. this was a cost in delusion and lying.. as I learned more.. as I spent time each day.. learning.. communications law.. responsibility.. and an ever-growing need for true expression.. I saw.. the true expectations of another.. childish impatience.. and a need for social validation.. made it impossible for such as these to admit to the most obvious truth..

I have no need or wish to harm anyone.. I will stand up for my legal rights.. I have tried everything to make this stop.. and.. at this point seek a signed statement admitting nothing.. but swearing on penalty of prosecution.. they would not use my legal devices.. at my legal residence..  recompense for the software and phone charges we paid over those stressful times.. realizing I can only seek what is provable.. .. and when push came to shove..

I am going to have to file with the court clerk.. a claim.. if this claim is not answered.. a law suit and prosecution are my only options.. good times.. behind bad lies?.. irritating years.. behind bad lies.. evasion and a total lack of anything true so far.. let us see if pretense rules anything when it becomes as real as what happened here..

Fun stuff?  not by a longshot.. psychology is funny.. human behavior many times depressing..

I would hate to be the ‘lifetime reason’ for another person’s failure.. even though it lets them off the hook in accomplishment.. takes all the pressure.. it speaks the same type of sought control for unknown future times.. that makes convicts indulge recidivism..

This type of forgetfulness and stupid dating of the U.S. Constitution.. (the only thing protecting us from the humans who are government).. is how killers extort in politics.. supposedly honorable people to war and the money machine.. in money issues..forgetting.. it seems.. the horror of war.. letting such things set example.. just a few years ago.. 

One cannot outsmart decency for some of it is primal.. all of it is sane..


I wish all the ‘think tanks’ could take a lesson from a ‘True Duckchick’..

I wish folks would trade memory and truth for counterproductive delusion and lies.. 

This situation could have been resolved effortlessly with a little truth.. and a lot less pretentious evasion..

Peace Tony 




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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