JFK Surprise

English: Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack ...

English: Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby as Oswald is being moved by police, 1963 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

War hero not a zero.. 2nd one around.. new improved on Joe his dad.. true.. happy.. sad.. 3rd would be good brother Bob.. his fight for equal.. on his job..

Jackie held her head up.. 2 children on her floor.. high-profile.. setting styles.. danger at their door..

I saw the Cubans training at the air base ’62.. saw the orange alert when they hit the Cuban crew..

Waited for atomic blasts.. prayed safe for a fighting chance.. then we did the cold war dance.. another 40 years advance..

Other side of 180.. moved back to the base.. been away for renovation.. Karen in our face.. Back gate at the base.. guard said they blew John straight away.. home world cross the ocean.. on a drippy.. sunshine day..

Stories of conspiracy.. ‘magic bullet’ path.. another man is dead.. another story flunks the math..

Saw a contradiction when the news was said to me.. ‘assassinated? cannot be this is ’63’..

Written here of ‘All the little Monsters’ of our time.. believe what they are told.. their God excusing crime..

Time now does not matter who set bullet to his head.. another crazy act example.. one more man was dead..

Thought.. ‘what I heard of Joe Kennedy spoke individualism and strength.. his son was seen by me as the new improved ‘2nd edition’.. and so on with Bobby and Ted..

I found it of interest that a  Mannlicher 6.5mm rifle.. which the Italian WW2 soldiers called.. ‘the gun that won’t kill anything’.. was used to make a downhill shot.. at a moving target.. from 400 yards..

The theory that Oswald did this is further complicated by the fact that he could not hit a target from a hundred yards, with the same weapon, at a level range less than a week before the assassination.. (then there is the ‘magic bullet’)..

Who killed him?.. there has been some logical investigation done.. fact is.. there were a lot of angry Cubans.. way folks run down a redundancy for ‘closure’.. well..

John was loved by many.. the only word I heard Oswald utter.. along with millions of others around the free world.. was Uhhh.. compliments of Jack Ruby‘s insanity and what looked like a ’38 Special..

I was on Guam at the time.. we had been Temporarily Quartered until the base could be put back together after Typhoon Karen.. we returned to base on the morning of the 22nd..  RIP old Soldier..

Peace Tony


Deutsch: Warren Commission Exhibit #2636 en:Im...

‘AIN’T THAT A SHAME?‘,, Deutsch: Warren Commission Exhibit #2636 en:Image:Ruby-shooting-oswald.jpg sr:Слика:Ruby-shooting-oswald.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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