Simple as a Child..


‘Hello Old Father.. old you cannot be.. it is told time pardons a garden that is free’..Entrances appeared.. from memories.. from rhyme.. valid in this time.. as a like time of mine..

Windows.. doors.. ceilings floors..  dreams your girl forsakes.. that love true.. for her and you.. soon may come awake..

Saw  confusion kind of like our feline with her toys.. like young women seen.. confused by looks of ten young boys.. I thought a lot of words.. long yet said to show.. recite a dictionary for the lad?.. what did he need.. or know?..                                                                                                            Seconds came.. went in hours.. elephants appeared.. my eyes found my guitar.. I calmed a moment.. stroked my beard..

Round about a steady beat.. my simple message strong.. stories hung in memory.. folks sing simple songs..Hootenanny? womans fanny.. each told long before.. stories of a flash and dash..  nuns.. dance girls and whores..Each a living memory.. each dream of lover.. wife.. a simple path through forest life.. one bible and one knife..

Thoughts of thus.. true granny’s tight truss made her face turn red.. disappointed many men.. when she rolled into bed.. each road and  hill.. things saved or spilled along your way.. confusion is most every- where.. strong song.. one thing to say..’Son you got a beauty.. as a father I can see.. do not use.. you.. or abuse you.. be strong for me.. stay free..

Party booze.. flooze may confuse you.. pound skins on your drum.. know what you feel.. steady sure.. brought with you when you come’.. ‘I have tried to understand.. one thing into bored.. tried to know..  beyond myself.. where personals are stored..Blame that same weary game unto Presumption Row.. cause is sick.. unknown conflict.. bout alligator toes.. picked up my git fiddle.. started an old tune.. something I wrote clear.. right here..

‘The Streetlight and The Moon’..                                                                              Confusion hits those of conscience.. when all reason fails.. question cruel.. deny your fool belief in wars and jails..                                                 World given us in life and love.. flowers clouds.. and trees.. mankind lost.. devil confused.. my song simple free..Notes picked perfectly In meter.. felt blues simple verse.. each yes and no.. conundrum show.. each better and each worse’..                                                                           ‘Thank you said the man who stood learning at my feet.. now I know.. better slow.. than error with repeat.. gonna find a woman.. tell her simple true.. gonna take my all along.. tell her ‘I love you’..

Thought.. When I found confusion to be a synonym for Lucifer in our world.. confuses what we want in peace.. in love.. confusion for foul purpose.. confusion with no reason.. done for approval.. power.. for anything it seems but the glaring reality that society can be confusing.. that some may need help.. These living folks are as important as those jokers born to different places or parents..The opinion of a few rich children who became politicians or bankers with hands full of money.. trying to buy integrity of leaders creates the very confusion that cripples our fine species..’I define genius as the ability to make seemingly complicated things simple’..

Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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