Costly felt..

As a soul can never be confused.. it defines my social reality..

Tears may come a timely sum slip slide public maze.. fears.. good love.. gang bang dumdum.. in some past time haze..

Look to sky long distance eye.. sails strain lines boom and mast.. unfair.. no time to care.. deaf when gossip cast..

seconds beckon Nietzsche style.. come fate’s shining jewel.. no matter thin or fatter.. gossip rattle of a fool.. child lost pure decision sometime in the ‘feeling school’..

was it in my travels?..  S. Pacific quiet warm.. remember a lullaby sung through a noisy storm..

Know it show it.. ‘pass and stow’ it.. for another time.. in a heart.. in a mind.. put to song or rhyme’..

‘Love tossed reflects mirror cost.. define love.. cold.. gone to frost.. stand a solid floor child.. never lost..

Inside freedom’s perfect soul.. a light to show.. dark ‘controls’.. dance as robots frozen.. empty.. stare..

Laughter.. joy.. freed feeling’s toy.. everything is love.. meadow.. nursery or lion’s lair..

Gut will show.. remembered sense.. moments years.. experience.. life the

‘Living Universal Fair’

Thought.. Two days ago we ‘rescued’ a cat on our block.  Grey.. beautiful.. hungry.. thirsty.. confused by loud crashy noises of trash trucks.. there is something wrong with her eyes.. we.. of course have gone on-line to find what we could..

Carmela made lots of phone calls to ‘non profit’ organizations.. the ones answering said summertime they are.. and I quote.. ‘full’.. 

I found some other things of interest..

1)  Indoor cats who have gone outside and prefer it.. are identified by a v cut into the left ear.. this indicates the humans have knowledge that shots.. spaying (or fixing).. has been done.. though cats.. dogs.. other species.. may have a ‘chip’ to identify their human connections.. there usually is no collar..

2)  The ASPCA has some improvements in the area of respect for the lives of other species..  were we to take this child there.. they would.. of course scan for a chip.. if they found it.. there are the records.. of owner.. shot.. static medical needs.. and so on.  

In Los Angeles..  After eight days if the humans on the chip are not responsive.. for whatever reason.. the Humane Society.. (ASPCA) contacts the party that brought the animal about adoption. 

(note:  two of the four private agencies that responded specifically did not recommend the Humane Society.. if it is the only option.. they suggested one should call in every day to show interest.. people being what they many times are.. this strikes me as a good idea.. one of those speaking on this said Humane Society employees have cut that time down to four days.. in the interest of.. space or some other thing that does not respect.. or honor the life in the balance.)

The cat we are helping lives down the street.. the woman called.. I missed the call.. she has not been home.. or.. is not answering her door.. I.. to be at ease.. need to know she will is aware of this child’s debilitating situation! 

Then.. of course.. there are neighborhood politics.. things from time gone.. Li’l Bear.. our feline family member.. and Carmela have been wonderful. 

Whatever happens.. I know.. as I know myself.. how I handle this is a lifetime memory.. I stopped thinking of domestic animals as ‘property’ long ago..

as once again I search for a ‘magic wand’.. I know simple love will define and set in motion my actions..

Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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