Train to Nowhere…



‘Look here my friend that whistle is the special.. clacking on the Bean Blossom Express.. a cataclysmic money making fool’s train..

horror of the fires.. smog makers burning tires.. must buy a ride for mookaligious gain..

And the thieves are up and planning.. out stealing for the panning.. of platinum products sold for money large.. sign of economic.. laughter from the comic.. ridiculousness loaded on a barge..

Converter tool a part.. that exploits methane farts.. leaves a po’ boy drinking off the blues.. don’t forget to mention.. must be lies.. pretension.. this failure in which all but few will lose..

Really a bad rap.. a trick bag.. social trap.. supposed to clear the air.. forgets the plant.. to some a weary joke.. pay fines.. dump toxic smoke.. less moral fiber than a swarm of ants..

Ole’ to the crime cart.. and organized crime brought.. a money gift to those who make the rules.. employees play the game.. lies are all the same.. ask any politician of this tool..

Folks at home are caught.. by fires.. quite a lot.. death comes to those who lived in burned out towns.. another feathered fluff.. for folks with quite enough.. with this to think on.. what is going down?!..

Thought.. ‘I would suggest a search.. catalytic converters; fires;.. I have seen less fires in a number of decades than in the last few years.. here in California.. with all the real terror.. and hype in that area.. I thought arson or rabid carelessness with campfires.. then I received this from a friend.. 

“Catalytic converters don’t start working until they get up to about 600 degrees. A malfunctioning or clogged converter can reach in excess of 1500 degrees and cause the substrate to melt down. Generally the forward part will melt first causing a restriction and severe loss of power. However, it can also belch superheated chunks of melted metal out the tail pipe. Faulty converters been found to have caused numerous brush fires. If a fire started on the side of the road, it’s one of two things: a cigarette butt or a catalytic converter.”

I do understand the ‘canned answer’ would be.. ‘you need a new car’.. it is all the fault of whomever drives with this fouled equipment.. though the computer program from California is probably specific to law.. much as with a computer that accumulates malware and errant commands.. the fact that folks will ‘try to make money as they go along’.. the ability of software to enter commands from remote positions.. along with the very obvious fact that most new cars now have their own engine analyzers making this process obsolete in personal vehicle situations.. there are just too many things having nothing to do with exhaust emissions.. I am researching the class action lawsuits concerning these laws.. let us find a solution!!!

After these enlightening facts.. I checked fire locations in Southern Cal.. sure enough.. close to the roadside.. ‘in almost every case’.   Common sense tells me that anything cutting power and mileage on an internal combustion engine cannot be good for anything. 

They, catalytic converters, are stolen for precious metals found in the filters.. organized crime makes money on something.. if it goes on long enough.. they pay those who make rules.. giving them something to extort with.. not to mention insider trading.. release of private information for future theft.. and so on..  

Consumer Affairs has a referee to decide cases disputed.. further.. if one has low-income they will pay five hundred dollars for repairs.. I did not know my ’89 Bronco had a GPS.. I certainly never thought it would cause my SUV to flunk a smog test on something so removed from emissions.. just as the person who flunked behind their gas filler cap.. or the one where the ‘engine light’ indicated one of the air bags was not working.. again nothing with emissions.. this goes beyond the pale of anything but gross usury..

The answer I have received concerning these foul ups is ‘the testing equipment is old and assigns inappropriate or meaningless violation codes’..  It is not going to be simple to bring this situation to sanity..

Catalytic converters where a good.. if not brilliant idea.. as with many other things.. cost control.. lack of communication and just plain greed stuck everyone with a product mostly useless in application for decades.. One may say that is not true.. I say.. for a period of 20 years or more the San Fernando Valley.. and a good part of the Los Angeles Basin had eye burning.. brown air.. despite smog devices..

Less than two years after the oil companies decided our atmosphere was worthy of unleaded gas the sky turned blue.. our ozone layer was gone.. the price of gas rose steadily since.. part through a total lack of fiscal responsibility.. and mostly because the oil companies give us nothing.. making us pay for yet another feather pillow for the seat of their Rolls..

As with any other financial folly that has deadly results.. the dead are dead.. the dreams that died.. there and other places are gone..

Lest anyone misunderstand me.. I do not seek to.. or have intent of judging anyone.. too much of that type of ridicule.. I just make an appeal for folks to step from what are all too temporary comfort zones.. and make it better.. the drive for oil and money.. when the fact is we need to go solar..

I have never heard anyone complain about a lack of sunshine in the Middle East .. it would be.. and will be a better world with solar power.. if our species survives avarice and greed.. we must admit what we see.. and fight for the future world living things will inherit..   🙂  .. Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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