Catalytic Bullshit..

Bullshit Detector Vol. 1

I THINK THIS PERSON MAY HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA.. Bullshit Detector Vol. 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the years that smog has been known the oil companies and large industry have done what is largely known and recognized as nothing.. or minimal action with no good intent.. or pay the fines and give common sense and living things the old finger.. like ‘fuck you can you read this?’..

I have watched the pretense of catalytic converters as some kind of protection for the atmosphere with amusement.. horror.. and disbelief.. common sense tells us that something reducing power… and gas mileage in an internal combustion engine is not good.. for anything..

They started to require those in California for newer cars.. not older vehicles that came from a sane.. more honorable time.. also foreign cars where exempt.

They corrected this ‘missed opportunity’ to the chagrin of sanity and people all over this state..

Despite the well-known fact that a significant majority of pollution came from industry.. industry continued to belch crap into the atmosphere.. twenty years of burning eyes.. black smoke out factory stacks.. (in one case ending sometime in 2009).. nothing has changed in what has to be the biggest peacetime ripoff of the 20th century,.

Oil companies eventually acquiesced to supply us with unleaded gas around the end of the ’70’s. 

Not to be outdone by sanity the price rapidly rose.. a la bad fiscal management in government.. delusion and greed.. for the first time anywhere but from the middle of the Mojave desert I saw gas at over .50 cents a gallon in California. 

Anyone conscious knows what happened from there..

Now I need a smog certificate..  The latest drill in exploitative nothings is ‘the engine light’  This can disqualify a car from passing.  Mine was on because of a loose GPS wire.  Everything else passed.  While finding the wire.. the transmission.. throttle linkage.. and who knows?.. was suspect.. what a GPS has to do with emission control is a mystery for another time.  I am ready to take them to court.. not the testers at certain stations making a million bucks for some sleaze.. but the corporation and the legislation behind this farce. 

Now the numbers on emission are total ‘whack’..

The sensors have not been right on anything yet.. except when it passed all except the ‘engine light’

The indicators where.. the air filters for the injection were cogged.. I already mentioned the transmission and the throttle linkage.  I suspect the whole thing is a manipulation to get older cars off the road.  Now both catalytic converters are suspect.. one costs 300 bucks.. when I spoked with ‘George’ this morning.. I asked him if he could just read the analyzer or if he had to go in and check it.. like in the old days.. he said.. ‘No it is all right there’.. then he proceeded to tell me what he had to do..

I would not presume what this ‘technician thinks’.. I suspect he has to be aware of what his business involves., if any reader doubts what I am saying  about inception and subsequent exploitive use of our money for such a farce..

I say.. ‘the air in the San Fernando Valley.. Los Angeles.. was brown until almost two years after unleaded gas became available.. and dominant.. if you doubt powerful folks would ignore such things then you were not listening when the same type of person was denying global warming..  I will say in passing our o-zone layer is sorely missed.. the children around three mile island died.. continued to battle leukemia.. etc.   I believe they, at least, should modify the extent of these tests.. just make it about emissions..

I further believe this will take the legal action they must want to avoid.. to bring this expense into sane and true.. 

For those of you who do smog tests.. this is not a  judgment or accusation.. it is what I have seen and verified as true over a period of decades in this particular area of legislation and usury.. I know the catalytic converter must have enough credible poop to validate it enough to make it appear useful.. I do not believe it makes any significant difference to anyone but the manufacturers’ profit.. and possibly industry emissions.. nothing can convince me this engine light inclusion is correct.. honorable.. or even legal.. 

My 1989 Bronquito has less than 60 thousand miles on it.. is in better mechanical shape than cars only two or three years old.. 

P.S,  I say once again: 

This would be a better world if the ‘mooks’ had chosen solar energy rather than greed’.. Peace Tony

Peace Tony


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I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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4 Responses to Catalytic Bullshit..

  1. kimkiminy says:

    They also cause untold numbers of brush fires.


    • Hello.. Interesting… how so?.. e mail info.. Peace T,


      • kimkiminy says:

        Catalytic converters don’t start working until they get up to about 600 degrees. A malfunctioning or clogged converter can reach in excess of 1500 degrees and cause the substrate to melt down. Generally the forward part will melt first causing a restriction and severe loss of power. However, it can also belch superheated chunks of melted metal out the tail pipe. Faulty converters been found to have caused numerous brush fires. If a fire started on the side of the road, it’s one of two things: a cigarette butt or a catalytic converter.


      • Thank you.. most interesting.. just good info.. right on.. Peace Tony


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