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Sherlock on Feb. 21 does cerebral amyloid angiopathy.. (CAA)   on the chance any saw this edition of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on the old booba tuba.. rendering in story content the ‘Warrior Gene‘ as the cause of ‘sociopathic’  behavior in humans.. I found this explanation.. 

I have found the misuse of the word sociopath.. (when one means asocial).. disturbing. 

In this age of specialization it is important.. much as the Phd in computer science needs to know how to plug it in.. carry it.. precise expression.. sure confidence.. and love must be true to remain for the living…

Along with the very real needs for survival.. propagation of the race.. peace of mind.. there is the social need for recognition.. and respect in social context..

I offer this.. I found it very interesting..

   The “Warrior Gene”    Friday, 21 June, 2013      PDT  10:21:51
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The “Warrior Gene”, is it a deficiency or a blessing? There’s been a study on an MAO-A deficiency that hinders the reduction of the amount of hormones/bio-chemicals neurotransmitters have dispatched. Read the article, click on the links, and read about what one-third of the western hemisphere and two-thirds of what the rest of this world are born with, or, is it, without?.

What Is It?
Impulsive Aggression V.S. Risk Taking/Decision Making
Do I Have It?

What Is It?

In the brain there are three neurotransmitters — dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin — these three listed are broken down by an enzyme (protein) called Monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) (, which is produced in human beings by the MAO-A gene. The MAO-A enzyme counteracts and reduces the amount of dopamine, norepinephrine and seratonin that the brains neurotransmitters have dispatched (amounts are determined by the degree of provocation). This enzyme (protein) is assigned to the outer mitochondrial membrane ( where The MAO-A gene is next to the related gene conveniently named MAO-B, located on the opposite strand of the X Chromosome. A mutation in this gene is responsible for a monoamine oxidase deficiency (MAOA-L — women aren’t born this way, studies show that the second X chromosome in women keeps their MAO-A balanced) called Brunner Syndrome: Brunner explained that, “MAO-A deficiency is associated with a recognizable behavioral phenotype that included disturbed regulation of impulsive aggression (”

Picture Source:
Impulsive Aggression V.S. Risk Taking/Decision Making

Is it just impulsive aggression?

The discovery of the “Warrior Gene” has been an eyeopener in learning why some people are more aggressive than others — impulsive aggression, violence, and mood swings can now be explained as a deficiency in MAO-A for at least one-third of the western hemisphere of the world, and close to two thirds in other countries outside the Western hemisphere (environment plays a big roll, so those that have witnessed or have fought in wars, in example, would be more likely carriers of this deficiency).

Those that might be deficient are gangsters, police officers, veterans, and those who make better choices, wait, what? Yes, better choices. A new study states that the MAOA-L could also mean that those with this absence of enzyme are better, more successful risk takers (choice makers) than those who have normal levels. Some say that this “Deficiency” is actually a sign of further evolution — evolving into people who are taking an even bigger interest in themselves, their survival and success. Without a certain amount of risks one will never see success, but, if it was written in someones genes to take risks, imagine how rewarded that person would be if it was also written in his genes to take these risks without impulse. To shoot for his goals without fear, he won’t or can’t stop because he was born that way, and he was raised in an environment filled with goal oriented family members.   

I give thanks to the researchers and writer of this provocative article.. on this intriguing subject..

Gen w/ Deepview from PDB:1GOS

Gen w/ Deepview from PDB:1GOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Peace Tony  (posted cftd/AC.21 June 13) C link..

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