Mind set for Today..



Pulse of Heavy Metal as we pedal South on Hwy One.. heavy beat rap down morning quiet Sun.. thinking of a song I loved.. pulled into the shade.. sat there thinking over a toke and lemonade..

Clowning said ‘slowdown that lowdown’ Mr. Tricky Dick.. this war and ‘corporate what for’ ain’t nothing more than sick.. my gaze set to water reflections true and bright.. folks sell life for dollars.. makes a scary endless night..

Our qualm was with Viet Nam a lousy place for war.. Mr. Smart or so you say that ain’t what life is for.. still oil plans with lowdown hands all to the West and East.. they run from energy of Sunlight.. hell burn.. is released..

Sitting my old straight back chair.. strum a song and sing.. melody.. blues story me.. my love my wedding ring.. got a closet shotgun.. drawer holds the old nine.. rather make a friend than fight.. love this life of mine.. 

Old Document was signed well.. sealed..  has lasted to our time.. Declared Independence.. dream of freedom.. yours and mine.. gives us shelter in the courts.. privacy at home.. peaceful free and equal.. 

Peace in Love writes a Tome.. 

Thought.. ‘Through recorded history mankind has dreamed.. discovered.. built.. only to lose sense.. compassion.. perspective.. and most sane things in the criminal act of war.. history is full of megalomaniacs who had their ‘purges’ ‘concentration camps’.. ‘inquisitions’..

Changing not one mind.. creating nothing in belief but purpose screaming ‘freedom’..

Old feuds with such immediately deadly purpose.. affect our young.. validate delusional personalities past that have personal issues.. and take living energy belonging only to the life it occupies.. sending it to war for purpose of fame.. gold or commodity..

I feel anyone.. from anyplace on the globe.. who would harm another living thing.. or destroy.. is just out of their minds..

Those encumbered by geography.. despot.. drought.. famine.. disease.. can be helped..

Their families.. acquaintances.. and friends will know of it.. have reason for hope.. it speaks to them of a security.. one that lets them feel safe taking risks.. learning.. exploring..

Something beyond.. someone saying.. ‘we cannot do anything else but attack.. we will take our youngest.. smartest and best.. give them good food.. uniforms and medical care.. plus a skill to perform in our war..

I find this exploitive control an insane premise..

It is never good to let the anomalous terrorist.. or killer.. set the example..

The wasted resource.. life and mental health wasted for the profits of a very few in war is obviously ridiculous in plan.. and projected ‘profit’.. (this writer feels there can be no material ‘profit’.. when a fouled morality.. blinds us to ourselves.. one must be blind if they fail to see each death from war as tragic)..

Do yourself a favor:.. Take the true amount of money the appropriate war costs daily.. even if your skills are not in fiscal management.. see how much you could do.. worldwide.. for education.. water purification.. conservation.. food and medicine.. the good.. clean things.. 

I swear to my soul I would rather see the resource and lives.. the thoughts and feelings.. going to a peaceful constructive world..

There will never be a way to credential war in a sane context’.. 

Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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