‘Purposful Time’.. edited from A Pupose in Time 12 3 10


John DeMarco Sketch (RIP)

John DeMarco Sketch (RIP)

Felled Prunestead Town out of whack..  walked in time to get back.. broken dreams.. pogo clowns.. ‘Wonder Woman’ upside down.. ferries cross fol de rol ers.. 

tall Swahili basketballers..

Not to write insult of family or tribe.. not to kiss.. miss the point accept a dinner bribe..

A silly social nilly thrilling  way to feel.. as Chariots cheered on burn.. religions four flat wheels..

Used cars bars and deals..

Inside a store they bore what’s more a violent money binge.. Useless crust beheaded breaded ‘veelings avay cringe’.. remember me in thoughts about ‘The Gate of Squeaky Hinge’..

Giraffe sees lusty busty shopping for a bra.. while hippos wail long drawn out tales to sell them in a spa..  

Nazis compare Kaisers Versailles big insult.. never getting wiser trenches guns result.. .. as with those who rape and rob murder take it all.. deluded zero heroes die.. ‘trenchers’ die and fall.. 

The Nazi hypnotized using evil ways.. horror crass insane a memory this day..

Vietnam is history.. Korean ‘conflict’ too.. Iraq sack of delusion.. remembered well by who? 

Broken refugeed unschooled hooked on speed.. high on high forever.. misdirecting ‘need’..

Football players and soothsayers.. more wars for the few.. war for money honey.. kill your children may kill you..

Always promise of victors.. losers..spoils.. insane as they trade life of youngblood for dirty oil..

Anteaters beaters of the meters of the mile.. boys with toys and Harley joys.. violent hope in style..

Heartbroken clowns that never frown breathe violent breath..

A flamethrower the ‘boy next door’ wins friends giving death..

G. McCoy came to the boys with Jagger’s J. Jack Flash.. predicted licks in fantasy.. overjoyed in cash..

Grandpa left his teeth in scotch.. single malt you know.. with salt to gargle drinking malt so fungi cannot show.. fungi never knows..

Indians of old a native  with his tomahawk.. visits.. runs for cover.. yells greeting never knocks..

No fear here cavalry near blowing trumpets loud.. Blue coats gray coats.. peacefully kill natives of land proud..

Philosophers in Europe wrote of scurvy black plague.. renaissance is coming.. to shine up what is vague..

Shakespeare never queer you see.. women come around.. to litigated literature.. adding moves and sound..

The King will laugh for certain.. jesters throw their balls.. and heads of those in disfavor their blood paints future walls..

In times of such there is not much to count on.. win or hope.. the populace is sick broke angry.. chasing highs with dope..

Believer come deceiver Ponzi was the name.. give him money he will thrice it in his short-term game.. pyramids built by slaves desert Pharaoh way.. upside down falling a faceless baseless play..

Stinky fish follows a dish chased with a shower hot.. Romeo and swollen toe today he ‘loves her not’ ..

Barking dog.. a howling wolf.. creatures primal clean.. like snakes cats.. anteaters bats.. eloquent and lean..

As British say ‘old bean’

Inventors brought industry day.. ‘T.S. Elliot’ wrote to say.. confused abused knock on social doors.. well read junkies on the floor wait only to score..

Down somewhere log cabin palace folks look sensing well.. water clean.. no machines.. grain bread.. sound of a bell..

Young man with his love.. speaks little then in truth.. speaks his ways of honesty.. set forth from his youth..

Basic never changes.. games are lots of fun.. Acquire this.. learn of that.. stars moon earth the sun..

Trees breeze no trouble no debris.. no fences chains or rope.. morning is a spectrum each day set in hope..

Woman dreams in truth of your loving arms.. love true will be patient.. true love will disarm..

Illustrate in pencil.. oil in colors too.. draw breath sense the beauty.. till fate beckons you..

Thought.. ‘I have learned.. I am grateful.. Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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