Cattle Sling Funnies

Cat in harness with leash

Cat in harness with leash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you who know the cat living with us has a human name of ‘Li’l Bear’.  She is a Maine-coon who will be 2 years old on the 28th of this month.  For those of you who did not know.. well.. now you do. 

The reason for posting this is amusing things still happen.  This is one of those things. 

Carmela and I have always announced and planned, since she joined us, grand intention of walking the cat.  To this end we were going to get a fine leather harness.  We picked up one of lesser..  (continued below picture)

AT 11 Months with Mama Mouse..

AT 11 Months with Mama Mouse..

quality at the 99 cent store. 

After two weeks of more planning the big day had arrived.  I tried to put the harness on Li’l Bear and failed miserably.  It seemed easier and a lot more fun to play with her and a ball we call ‘Mama Mouse’.. being the larger and obvious parent ball. 

Carmela volunteered.  I stayed to watch.. tried to help.. predictable conflict ensued at which point I split closing the door behind me..

In the kitchen.. looking out the window to the clothesline.. thoughts of the walk filled my head.. the places we would go.. the things we would see.. the talks for years to come of this great venture.. after about ten minutes my mind turned to why folks do things.. then.. as if by magic Carmela appeared to announce she was done.. they were ready.. and ‘come see’..

I went into the living room to find our cat adorned with the harness fitted as a cattle sling.. (both straps around her back and gut).. I was amused.. astounded.. disappointed and said sternly.. kind of loud..  ‘That’s just wrong’.. leaving at speed.. I should have known I could not escape.. she followed to explain her position and tell me why that was how it was.. she offered size and adjustment of straps.. the inability to use them because the manufacturer was a fucking idiot.. it was ‘too small’.. she use to walk the other cat (who was a Sweet Tabby of that name about 18yrs. or so.  She walked well without a leash) with ‘just the leash’.. and so on.. I walked back into the living room.. Li’l Bear stood there, in full harness as an advertisement for stupidity and tenacious humor.. at this point Carmela again following.. stopped about five feet from me and announced that it could not work any other way.. it was too small anyway.. and finally.. we did not need it because Tabby walked on a leash.. I walked over to Bear and touched the harness at which point she casually stepped out of it. 

I stepped up the plate on this one.. wow.. defending a useless position for no particular reason except stubbornness.. in truth it took almost two days for her to understand and appreciate the beauty of her position.. we both learned.. the cat is vacationing in Aruba.. 🙂  Peace Tony  © insured by content.  🙂

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3 Responses to Cattle Sling Funnies

  1. You had to be there.. just hilarious!!! Carmela, tabbycatnbears 🙂


  2. She is appreciative of all kudos.. relays a ‘thank you’ from Aruba.. :-).. Peace T.


  3. Lauri says:

    Lucky and beautiful Lil Bear!


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