Patience Little Child

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Years brought forth false promise bullies spoke their fame.. hid behind a tired line.. politics the name.. yet the puppeteer with his hidden face and strings.. sold for gold and power.. lives of other living things.. 

Yesterday or day before.. day matters not.. the vote.. brought forth a good man to lead.. knows what our founders wrote.. demands of extortion from some who flaunt good cause.. our leader fights for good and true.. has done so without pause..

Petty race left me I faced what was there to see.. all differ in life..  want equality in free.. ‘damn the war’.. I bellowed.. said in quiet whisper tones.. ‘each storm has a rainbow.. high on angels have flown’.. 

What believed in heart and mind.. what you see and feel.. honor without compromise.. the ‘Golden Rule’ is real.. destruction toys mock innocence.. a heart of peace may hide.. as tanks go fast.. air fouled by gas.. faithless take a ride..

Would I.. could I.. should I say what each has for their own.. what you have when all is gone.. do you feel alone?.. would those you approve of.. approve of what you do?.. you are but one my friend.. as home skies reflect blue..

So I drop my bread crumbs to reveal that hidden trail.. path to take you second to next.. when past moments stale.. yours unique.. a joiner.. freak.. speak!.. it is up to you.. but lies will take you nowhere.. make not a thing of what you do.. 

Each life whether leaf or skin.. has a vibe and tone.. in my rainbow love world.. colors set against the bone.. skeleton is cartoon fun each bone sets tone and view.. played soft or with thunder lighting.. just so it is true..

Thought for this day.. ‘Everyone knows solar energy is good.  Most feel it will add a like number of years to those solar historic.  Why did we accept oil?  The person who is ‘not in energy’ is no less a victim of their own laziness.. than the greedy mogul.. or his child. 

Everyone knows war is evil.  In the twentieth century.. even wars with a moral imperative.. such as WWII.. were about money. 

As a continual student of human behavior I believe warmongers share a mentality.. albeit expanded to horror story.. with the armed robber.. who robs in desperation.. the murderer who knowingly kills in sickness.. who know war opens the avenue to each despicable crime.. usually without any justice or penal cost.. even as I know it is redundant to prosecute a past crime.. I know what deters the confused. 

The warmonger also takes the youngest, best and bravest to war.. if they survive the attrition that is war.. many live in a patriotic delusion.. one that has nothing to do with freedom.. egalitarian society.. and constructive growth. 

The resource spent on the war with Iraq could have done so much good in medicine.. education.. understanding and faith in others.. and in leaders.  Added to that is Viet Nam.. and the other wars.. the fall of the USSR was brought about in certainty by Afghanistan’s tenacious will and brave action of leaders throughout the USSR.  They have fallen. 

Yet the United States holds.

I believe our country is great in founding purpose.  I believe it is great in the people who have the tenets of our founders at heart.  I believe we can change by recognizing who and what we are.

Let us put an end to war.  Let us open a door to education and patient growth.  Peace Tony..  🙂




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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