Rocky Hillside Friend


Passed this way a time or ten writing my way home.. seen haystacks.. folks coming back.. each has a front yard gnome.. into tract called ‘Prefab Mack’.. downtown there are shows.. which educate masturbating youngsters wearing clothes.. head East on road called 94  down Campo way.. old Yaqui Jim, if yet he lives, there still.. Jim  would not stray.. says a lot when he speaks.. speaks as faithful pray.. fortune cookie.. betting bookie.. all in every way..

Once I asked, when younger where in this world he went.. had he ever married.. how his life was spent.. He looked.. smiled till sadness touched his eyes.. then a tear.. a moments fear.. all solid looks.. were wise.. his eyes betraying feeling every one shallow.. deep.. fading lies.. truth staying.. a vision stark.. set steep.. he said his wife though sick till dead he still could see and feel.. lovers have no barriers.. children know love heals..

Jim bent then picked a small flat stone.. threw it long.. when it was thrown.. in a crowd Jim is alone.. gave wisdom wiser than a clock.. he was keen as on a track.. expected or those coming back seems his dream and thought ship was docked.. ‘son each second beckons dreams.. some are true some what seems.. travel dream.. is what I see that glows.. walk a little.. fast or slow.. not past the rock you saw me throw..  travel comes to me in what I know’..

I looked at him standing there.. humorous.. stern.. long black hair saw the magic.. ice sickles that burned..  dreamed a dreamer artist how he begins to end.. each dream love.. each dream tragic.. live art to down to true classic blue.. ‘Rocky Hillside Friend’.

Thought for this day.. In a world of unnecessary hunger.. curable sickness.. extorted everything.. from water to diamonds.. in the sadness and futility born of poverty.. We need no war.. we need spend nothing on war.. we need say nothing save a fitting.. memorable eulogy.. we need do nothing but create a deep grave.. silent in an unknown void.. Peace Tony




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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2 Responses to Rocky Hillside Friend

  1. fhhakansson says:

    It would be wonderful to have a world without war but I guess it will never be. Conflicting ideologies will always exist, as will inequality, which in turn always turns to armed conflict. Perhaps, one day, in the future, our race will transcend humanity and war will finally end.


    • Hello.. Yes that conventional, well thought out wisdom, has kept us accepting the unacceptable.. it would be a boring world without different cultures shared.. perhaps love.. perhaps not.. semantics aside.. it would be wonderful if the true lessons of war defined clearly how war was.. what it is, was and why.. so it may be recognized.. deposed.. disassembled.. left to an unheard history.. for war is foul.. mankind made this creation (possibly in primal embellishment).. being human.. I do understand the commitment to overcome reactions.. hold my peace.. share what is good that I have.. never allowing energy of anger.. hate.. discrimination.. or negative comparisons found and sounded as reason.. in excuse.. to set example.. each life when born would stand moral inspection.. to hold that infant’s foundation.. that morality and learn to share.. rather than compete.. we have known since Pre Socratic times the waste.. pretense and assumption of war.. social peace in heart and mind.. one day perhaps.. one day.. thank you for reading.. and your comment/like.. Peace Tony


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