Good Idea to dream

Molly Reading


Molly exclaimed words like ‘golly’ to express surprise.. from her time of living.. saw the same sun rise..

As old mom and pop lending substance at their store.. as rose bushes roots which seek water nothing more..

Light earth largest stage of wonder.. beauty she will know.. flowers elite  water meets roots in earth below..

Molly deep inside of thought felt much a part.. of her world.. she called it home.. natures perfect art..

See example living sample root feeds flowers true.. flowers face a yellow sun.. sparkle of morning dew..

Father works a science lab.. ways to understand.. newspapers rude attitude speak of inventions grand..

Molly questioned scientific process  used to prove.. what.. how and why for  who inventions groove..

father deep in thought left his rockem sockem math.. as in his profession sought to dismiss joy and wrath.. down to station of foundation deep his soul is kept.. answered careful slow true blue.. ‘genius finds concept.. long before hypothesis of theory written dear.. long before action factions.. social runs in fear.. long before released to folks.. who dream earn just to own.. toys they want.. think they need.. working to the bone.. not for Zion.. Rome.. Buddha or Koran of Islam.. not all genius creates well see the atom bomb’..

Molly walked in silence leaving father to his thoughts.. offering thanks to her God.. for what father had taught..

Down to pond of childhood swimming.. by willow tree free.. heard her clear reflection saying..

‘it is up to me’..

Thought for this day.. The turn from a war-torn greedy past is far closer than beyond the next rise for what is learned must first be accepted.. Peace Tony



About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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