All About You?

I have seen the listen folk-in secret-just a ‘little joke’

Portrait of the Whispereds

An Image Projected From an Artist.. Portrait of the Whispereds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Whispered seen friend to an ear
                             lie to-add what they don’t hear
    A beginning?  Maybe end!   
                               Disappointed, thought you friend
    Even when no words are clear
                                  they imagine-reason fear.
    In closets-under the bed
                                        the unknown facet-from the head.

    Like a child a fairy tale
                              the wonder of what does not fail
                                    predict with logic do it well
                        Create heaven create hell                   
    At the party-teen age years-will she be there?  
                              Old teen fears.  
                                   The parenting
                       Can make love wilt-what can grow with useless guilt?
    I grew from that not to look down
                                      let good grow-no weight around.

    Friends-those known from school or work
                              the water cooler-best liked jerk
    What are his fears?  Why should she care?  
                                  The poligender everywhere.
    The social bully on all scenes
                                see his word eye shove machine
                                     Insecure no talk of  gay-is growing up in doubt his day?  
                                            That control his mind and way
    Young and clean before child speaks.  
                              The first clear heard always unique.  
    ‘older ones’ spirit song call.  
                                 Wondrous children parents all.
    Hurry child or hurry pup
                                      What sense in a hurried grow up?
    If evil comes confusion said
                                 passed sublimate to the head-what is felt quiet said
     Seek the child until called dead.

    Galaxy to Universe-Nothing better-Nothing worse
                           No crime-No Time
             Just blank or worth
                                      Living here are on this Earth.
    Universe which all is flow where destiny will go  
                              Like the chicken
                  egg-life pod
                                            The Cyber Fiber-Night walk God  
                               The presentation every way
                   God explaining time away..

    Love arrives opens doors what is truth is it yours?  
          So young one feel.. decide.  
                                    The no confusion-not long ride.
    The Natural-The so-called ‘Queer’
                               Honor true do not live fear.  
                                    For most fears are
                       mind made Play scared love
                                                   you may be played  
    Know yourself what is true
                               play your hand the one for you.  
                                    The endless
                        Has explained some ways.  
                                                  Your true life time in your days.


English: illustration of the Brothers Grimm fa...

Here Grimm Wrote thinking things.. monsters.. princes.. beauty sings.. from his time.. passed his soul.. Mr. Grimm in his role

English: illustration of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Mary’s Child” Русский: Иллюстрация к сказке братьев Гримм “Приёмыш Богоматери” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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