2 Responses to Okay Reason

  1. fhhakansson says:

    It’s funny when you think about how long we’ve sought freedom in all shapes and forms. I wonder if ultimate freedom will be as prophesied by Ayn Rand.


    • Hello.. Peace is something everyone wants. I believe if it came for real.. there would be folks who would not believe it.. as sure as renaissance artists and other visionaries/dreamers gave beauty and hope in the ravages of war or disease through history.. there are those who would make the mistake of oppression again and again.. for all the intelligence and wondrous invention and art of mankind.. for the gift of our species and potential.. the arcane horror of war is still reality.. many times the profit goes to those instigators who would start it.. some blow things up because they are not heard or listened to.. destruction has no place.. much less in a world where living things are hungry..
      I wish they would take the very word war off the table.
      Thank you for reading.. Peace Tony


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