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Momentary Blues..

Young bent for hell pasture cattle grazed..magic from woman scent excite, amazed..passion ocean Girl Who Thinks Always…After Acting..(pic I net) sweat runs right on time..wait a moment maybe two..sweet body love slime..How I gonna have blues? never been in love..fourteen … Continue reading

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If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

Tongue in cheek..as I speak..crime from above..kill hate with love..Peace Tony

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Day of Mine

  Sage, remember what he said..few times gone..now lays dead..soulful song..hear life short..cosmic long..free and strong..Old December ’60’s day..head of rage..lost my way..’70’s betray and lay..young look back to better day.. Bed move some just my mind..reason love..look to kind..open … Continue reading

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