A Loving Child..

Born in time..was it a cave?..a town around or world to save?..what is sensed in true or lie..can

What is dreamed..what is seen..will be for life..

you hear a baby cry?..to cries most will answer yes..in cities cards ‘close to the vest’..in later days..seen is not..society is what you got..how one got it..what the claim..children it is not the same..some of it is point of view..attitude in what you do..Take an unknown substance pile..put face to it..draw a smile..make the eyes bright and true..matters not if brown or blue..take the happy..then the sad..present well all time you had..to the second..in each day..remembered how you care..I say..

Look into the mirror true..what you see is part of you..are you quiet..are you sad..it may make good or bad..what you sense..as what you eat..it always is life in repeat..calming, yes kind of nice..one does not one thing twice..time will pass..bring forth a due..time brings unknown fate to you..galaxies..pretty sky stars..what you sense is who you are..in life lived..or in a book..sometimes it is hard to look..wise men have said fear is grown..in the past vast last unknown..

When sun comes..peeks through cloud stars..says ‘I know just who you are’..it is okay..it is real..no judge there..a time to feel..pure in heart..pure intent..pure in what is saved or spent..honor life..’till done is done..loving each and every one..what is one..what you see..how received..shackled or free..love is healing to the good..as an old friend understood..mystery is not love fact..just crazy  loving acts..take the word..meant for true..act in kind..its up to you..on the path..down the street..love is where I point my feet..

As love is known..love is a mystery..for mankind seems to falter in having the faith..to make love be..in every second..of every act..Peace Tony


About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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