Mascote do Cruzeiro

I have a name for you my pretty..from my sordid dream..I am cad society where nought is what it seems...


‘And I say unto you..Say!..Do!..Be!..’
Title is what it does and says in a poem as I roam in life or cyberspace..come across the pretend cruel and drool of porno swap..for pictures of the dismembered and dead where bullets stop..It can be boring and or cruel to see the relay said..mixing love and lust with end of what the leaders bred..It is worse than hearing names like ‘kike and spic and nigger’..I never felt that difference my concept is somewhat bigger..The little things in life in bars or chosen clubs..reflect in token or as spoken socially and dubbed..conveniently for what they see as necessary stuff..until the person labeled different says ‘okay enough’.
Then to keep the dignity and position or place..ascend to living person in the eyes of every each bar or or home or store..each bus and ‘us and we’ or movie theater or dance floor..A wordy name called out to shame a living feeling but a mask I ask you do you not see the control?..that insulting words can be a mess stress cry in beer..and much like fights and wars the cause is pausing to see fear..once recognized they do not size apprise or understand..they learn resist then make a fist..spread terror through the land..
So onward you old preacher..step on the T.V. shrew..spread the faith ‘old school’ the best to love like they two..years of age when social cage and rage did not apply..where theft and covet..fuck and love it one did not know why..just a love of life and clouds and trees and clean crisp air..and the girl two years older with a love to run and play and dance that surely must be live each day and see the stars when they come out at night..A different skin or language..offers something new..interesting with life to give and exchange with you..
Old movies books and newly fashioned avatars and ‘sites’ can help to fill the days and ways to dance and love no take the strength of competition in a natural way..not for approval or promise of love ‘in the hay’..just a second in your life lived full and true..and one or two mayhap more to say..’I love you’..In the mind of the heart of can say it when you feel it and know it is real.. 
And I just say..once again..from Wall Street or the play is that simple..Peace Tony

About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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