Prodigal Twins of a Gland

Group photo in front of Clark University Sigmu...

The ‘Father of Psychoanalysis’ and the ‘screw crew’

Young beauty with a feel for sex and love mind the yard or nap the youth would play..

One day a fever mild took hold and moms said ‘colic’..called the doctor in that very day..The doctor took the youth from dream and on examination..he turned to mom and grams.. doc delivered the summation..after asking if the child ate yams.. or suffer denigration

This youth is not bemeaseled nor is there sign of mumps..she doesn’t drive a diesel too young for moody grumps..too old this youth for anything that resembles colic..the diagnosis is chronic Pheremonoholic..joyful then down in the dumps…afflict tortured by rumps one day is chasing sibling lover dreams..remembering the girl from English class..perhaps the young wife neighbor who is all she seems..and a most perfect apple ass..

Pheromonaholicism is a rare disease..a multi-coded transceiving act..the victim can find a match exciting when they please..with anyone and that folks is a fact..You may find him with a Japanese sipping tea..or down the block with the neighbor’s wife..he may execute a lovers lock against a tree..he loves and seeks sex all his natural life..not that it is masculine in nature or in state..the lust and dream is just a way of life..his partners are just everyone he’ll never masturbate..or rape a young thing at point of a knife..

Child just has an know it is a spell..everyone he meets he does future past or demi cast it is his heaven always comes about and does him are lucky with this youth he stays clear of his brother..the sister now if off away at school..have there been problems Oedipal with mother?..he must know of the Greeks and Freud a rule..It is not equipment found in rod or sack..something in the gland a mind command..the male a tale of wonder nymphomaniac..with just about any girl at hand..

Ever will be wanting sex he may have a  crew..of pretty girls and others of each type..fill the bill and punt the loving he won’t be wanting for a screw.. dauntless in pursuit..  always ever ripe..any color size culture or shade.. He will react glandular in any species on this planet made..  walking in the shopping mile.. the magic mile define..goes overboard the ladies to recline..

Watch him in the pasture..those cows are prized for milk..the dairy creamy blue ribbon delight..just make sure he does the dairy not the blue lagoon and Clarabelle in the hay next night..they say he is descended from sheepherders of old.. taking lovers with tomorrows lunch..he may be embarrassed like Uncle Oscar bold..who picked the ugliest hew in the bunch..

They thanked the doctor had him shown out by the maid..he wrote sedative prescription due..he was a most fine actor..and left when he was paid..he left prescriptions for  the patient too..He hurried to his vehicle and let out a breath..he wanted to pick up a girl and frolic..he diagnosed himself from birth unto his death..the Doctor  Pheramonoholic…


One just never knows..but sometimes they don’t need to..Peace Tony




About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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