Through the Ballroom

Medieval Mickey Mouse, c.1300 AD. On November ...

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On the ‘path’ road of life..just my live..clouds trees starfish mossy rocks..received by one who gives..a patriot of Fakertown runs across the floor..His tights are pink and tutu black..always wants some more..

just does not know what for..

Girls around the punchbowl..moved back to the wall..fowl was fouled said run around..flirting at the ball..a social rant ’bout underpants is passing missie’s lips..her doctor knows her secret..she cannot come to grips..

just wiggles girdled hips..

Gentlemen of ‘rathers’..dusting pistols old..ball and cap through tree and sap..imbibed and talkin’ bold..stand away look for a make some better fun..for princes.. mommas run..

‘look! that man is t.v.’s son’..

Fish and steak and vegan snobs..witches seeing all..except the sage without his rage..thinks change what befalls..running harder nowhere sometimes..then presented true..make a claim of watchword name said ‘that is what I do’..

Baby sitter thinks is fitter than the couple grand.. who Rolls Royces to balls..just to understand..what sitter has for nothing..her man will come to see..says ‘the older think their bolder falls..don’t love like me’

A duck is questioning the answer questions ask as well..the eggs are pegs of future life..young? yes go teach them to this and that and everything that may befall..but junior meets his own as growing to attend the ball..

Now in taverns wooded old.. do have a drink..wandering with Rosie the kitchen sink..a new position Kama Sutra erect hours long..while eating apples to distract while molly sings a song.. words rhythm sets meter to love in passion strong..

Cops used mace Jones lost his face in front of all ‘the crowd’..he challenged ‘Sheriff  John’s authority real bold and loud..embarrassing the young in murder badge..he and his friends of deputy will kill then brag to Madge..

Poor Jonesy he was laid away..barred and scarred no more to play.. attempt at  poise to make some noise they carried him away..his poor body was broken..his mind a tied up snit..

Jonesy lettered basketball just did not know to quit..

Lessons for the future..harvest from the past..obvious when at the social function social cast..oblivious to hunger..poverty or need..just money hunt and chase a cunt to extend the breed..amusement park realities are coming rather fast..the haunted house makes them a mousey..

blundered social cast..

Pope is in the bedroom of every Catholic son..daughter won’t take any pills..Catholics every one..purposeful in politics..hey hey money fast..reverse the collar no one hollars..boom swings for the mast.. society’s sea vast..

Knowing eye of lover mine..twinkle eyes in love..meandering through the and the velvet glove..into the box placed on a roller skate where children play..more real than those attending balls in any grown up day..

Garden veggies fruit in guarding plays loud..barking while kitty looks and so proud..they do not attend parties..never again ball..where lies and cries of stories.. echoed in dark nether halls..

I know because I asked them once while dressing as a mime..the dog put down his book and said ‘I would not waste my time’..The cat said ‘maybe I will go if I can have a fish and smart talk anything delicious there to eat’..

exotic fish from Crete..

Some are Oxford English..some cry out ‘You all’.. others from the farm will sooie pigs or cattle call.. hip hoppers rappers stoppers from ones that rock..critics from the swing..young athletes jealous block your cock..

Those handy-dandy women men..that Mickey Mouse befall..the fated and loved or hated mated Jew named Saul.. token from the ghetto.. sage wisdom of wine..learned in alley..girls from valley moon around so fine..

Pull in your wagon and your horse.. feed in the stall.. just like you and ‘Lash Laroo’..Dancing at the ball..take back given momentos..we know you never steal..or lie embellish use ketchup or relish on a meal..

no movie theater at the mall..I am papaloozie..getting juicy for the ball..

Peace Tony

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About cryinforthedyin

I write philosophy and poetry. I postulate solutions for problems..I find similiar things in history to compare to present day, hoping to find a solution to the seemingly difficult task of giving and receiving love. I play music. Blues harp, piano, guitar, electric and acoustic. I sing..I love to sing..Peace Tony
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