Way I been..



Self of self times young is younger scream in play for free.. friend from days away from home.. share in sense to see..

Music memory comes from alone New Orleans days.. river boat a creole girl.. the folks there and their ways..

Met some fellas from the South.. went to LSU.. talk of Dylan.. Joan Baez.. the slaving and the due..

Evade evade.. no truth was made.. that Southern College Mouth..  said endemic beyond sense.. ‘see we’re from the South’..

Decent on to recent bends of time each second speaks.. of placebos jokes of calloused toes and Nose as Beaks..

All across our wonder world.. our ‘Eden’ if you will.. written page.. time sets each stage ‘Time Starts Now’.. on the Bill..

Thought.. ‘as I learned.. I came to understand the need and use of ‘structure’ in society.. some extremes I find contra to any sense or peaceful living.. others I find quite helpful.. 

And why should it be any less?.. it is ours to do’..

Peace Tony


Little thieves and others..

Yes.. such duplicity.. such confusion.. it requires the simplicity of 'species' and 'truth'.. as each see it..

Yes.. such duplicity.. such confusion.. it requires the simplicity of ‘species’ and ‘truth’.. as each see it..

Downtown seen them hangin’ round in old stories deep.. come from times imposed in climes suited just to creep.. poor wait for a promise someone made so long ago.. misdirection from the King is all they have to show..

Hand held high above a group of kneeling men.. craps a shootin’ game.. some lose.. some win.. they come again.. ‘wanderlust or bust’ run blind.. harmless thrill for fun.. others shine pistol plans.. children on the run..

‘Stackhouse’ was a bookie.. shined shoes by 4th on Main.. have a shine.. review a living play to spark the brain.. some walk like antelope..  hippo step and thud.. all have cred in story.. of women.. highs and blood..

Each a kingdom walking.. each loves.. hopes that crashed.. each has wonder true inside where their best is stashed.. true comes to the moment.. scene to play this day.. felt true for a heart-song.. art close on the way..

Some said something stuck with me.. some walk as athletes fine.. not a lot of question there.. you yours.. me must be mine.. on to time of sharing.. perhaps in a word.. respect on paths of living.. in story heard..

True before when younger.. in ‘reaction times’.. felt need.. felt the hunger.. caused by careless crimes.. learned what ‘solid’ meant to me.. gift to love and share.. see you clear before me.. with love everywhere.. 


‘it seems it slips a human mind more often than not.. perhaps ‘Ostrichitis’ (1) is more prevalent than I thought.. lay on the passion.. save it for thought.. your soul is you only.. such cannot be taught’..

(1) (ostrichitis.. a self imposed social anomaly.. caused in part by the human lazy that transfers responsibility.. leading to escape from feeling or anything human connected with what they fear.. feel unresolved or ”guilty” about.. Even what afflicted find ‘inconvenient’ will deny the truth they know causing obvious mental conflict)

Peace Tony 


park of Conscience.. view..



Over tops of misty mounts.. trails through clouds of steam.. to the next.. curve in the road.. fate to meet your dream..

Found you beautiful this morning.. more so than the last.. when you kissed the sky today.. accepted well the past..

Childlike light.. bright-eyed tight sense the newest stage.. yours alone in scene a center for your timely page..

On the road.. to trade a load of wood posts for a fence.. Pop is gonna put one up.. gophers got no sense.. 

On to streets of madness yet in time they hold it true.. wisdom from this one time.. only known to you..

Creeping crash a flash of trash years drift fears others said.. your dreams set move in a plan.. sent down from your head..

Wooden cart and ox named Bart and time to set in heart.. your good plan for the money man.. at ‘Mom and Pop’s’ Home Mart..

Take a moment species brother.. sister as you pass.. have a care to honor that child in the looking-glass..

Thought.. ‘he is Muslim.. fasting for thirty days.. I asked him if this discipline was brought around with consideration for the 40 hour work week and all it implies.. he replied.. ‘no.. this came down long ago’.. my first reply was.. ‘keep yourself.. keep your head’.. then a quick advisory about vitamins.. minerals.. and electrolytes.. he was going home for 2 hours sleep after praying at his place of worship all night.. before going to work seven days a week at his store..

hold the loft and other ‘brain trust items’ together my friend’..

Peace Tony  






Bediapered child.. nurse wipers styled pretty.. they can pay..  knowing someone somewhere cleans up what they did today.. stumble down a busy street.. these should stay inside.. stumble pay.. clean to say.. ‘do it well.. with pride’..

Did you know your other self?.. one who never lies?.. like old grandpa.. Mickey Mouse.. men of ‘Olde’ and ‘Wise’.. peeking from each second.. a love that makes you shy.. when old guilt comes peckin’.. with a smile.. shrug and a sigh..  

Character jumps to the center of that special place.. karma.. fate.. early.. late brings you to your face.. just two minutes gone.. would trade ten years for that time.. a precious place of reference.. yeah.. tick of your ‘social rhyme’..

You are smart as ever.. see they love you so.. acting clever never could interrupt your flow.. speak them one to other.. family to friend.. never thought to be this way.. never saw this end..

Down the ‘Road of Time’ who was it?.. name is not a need.. just the way of talking.. caring.. loving in our breed.. know a place for landing.. when sense leaves the loft.. fate needs understanding.. landings clear and soft..  

Infants know of care.. know each species sound.. when a brother.. or a sister.. speaks of what they found.. cannot nor would they rank out or destroy.. living care.. a love and share.. for every girl and boy..

Born loud with a healthy cry.. a world of guarantee.. step up to your energy.. ‘bring it’ runnin’ free.. open eyes to wonder.. lover you can be.. all you mature children.. you ‘Infants 63′..


the disease peculiar to our species is ‘Ostrichitis’.. the perfect combination to exploit and accommodate  sexual preferences of anyone ascended enough to take advantage of the afflicted person’s position w/head in the ground and posterior raised in a most inviting way.. ‘GUARD AGAINST THIS AWFUL VIRUS’.. preserve the integrity of your soul and the dignity of the noble ostrich.. such as it is.. 

Peace Tony