Inside stories..

'dream me to wonder.. path equal free.. all living will be there.. to play song.. to be..

‘dream me to wonder.. path equal free.. all living will be there.. to play song.. to be..

Child styled by those riled or mild outside others skip rope.. deliver news.. exchange young views.. young minds of love and hope..

‘Inside Stories’ passed from glories knitted nerve and gene.. places folks have gathered.. escape old slum-out scenes..

Laughter dreams of ‘everafter’  this end and beyond..

‘Rafters’ float seas of this life.. love lost.. when loved is gone..

Carpet stars ol’ Milky Way.. our galaxy of lights.. somehow knows inside a life.. bright day or darkest night..

As lights brighter.. left or righter.. doctorate of a fool.. as phd jailhouse mouth another view of rules..

All around our wonder world.. in love good.. or unkind.. primal blood seeks peace a golden stud called ‘hard to find’..

Doctor.. drunk or landsman spunk.. furry skunks living woods..

Survive social confusion.. ‘Inside Stories’.. true and good..

Teeter totter balanced on the nose of ‘Otter John’.. a ball called free and equal.. tracks a train of hope rides on.. 

Thought.. ‘No matter education.. no matter place or skin.. no matter caste or station.. a truth blows every wind..

Asking for directions.. not to rent or lease.. something every life wants.. free equal at peace’..

Peace Tony

© AC. 28.8.14.arr././



Yes.. my liege.. my infant ruler.. unaffected so..

Yes.. my liege.. my infant ruler.. unaffected so..

‘Tumbleyoung ‘ to dreamworld roads of velvet.. some of steel..

Velvet fine in fantasy.. pray meets what I feel..

As a child.. without a question.. love seen on the rise..

Growing all in knowing love and play look to surprise..

One is out of many.. two meet and surmise..

A sense of calm in any.. games shared well from young clear eyes..

Three is you and me another brother sister plan..

Heart and mind a universe each knows a promised land..

Four expressed as children..  each a soul alone..

Each a vision quest when seen.. to share heart.. blood and bone.. 


‘what sloppy art you bloody poser.. may your accusing finger and pretense find the truest mirror’.. 

Peace Tony



Bloody code..



‘Bloody code’ on primal roads neon stores ahead..

Primal caves thought one who craves senses dreamed in bed..

Police of peace or beer and grease with a star in hand..

Got a fish eye for cartoons.. pictures of his band..

Then another.. older brother.. kept home safe and warm.. different father.. same old mother.. comforts for the storm..

Eyes surprise as blood applies.. road code same as each dad.. lies cannot hide silent cries.. blood’s blood will understand..

Primal hidden deep unbidden yet a child deploys.. innocence.. need without greed.. drum beat.. love song in joy..

Social stacks sidewalks with cracks and blind by choice of fear.. fashions  living shows wind blows dress up as randy leer..

Cross the seas a money tease.. in created need..

Excuse in ruse.. where ‘tight’ means ‘loose’.. pirates bleed and feed..

Merry round the bloody.. party for the show.. love inside.. time a bride my love a rock it knows.. 


‘blood comes to primal.. primal  to before.. things spoken in token.. carpet for the floor.. soul needs a cleaning.. each tick of the clock.. confusion around me.. soul loves as a rock.. last was fast place set a cast.. sails horizon seen..  heart remembers as it feels.. each spill each fated glean’..

To Recognize how to end lyric of a poem keeps context.. I have learned the last stanza or line of my work usually to be the best of  that work.. it defines the work and keeps me from ‘artistic ramble’

Peace Tony


Silly Funnies (silly city social curiousity)

A smile for the pile

Around the back yard clothesline..on T.V. in the mix..A creature featured in curious primal needy fix
Avoids friends he made and family as well..he gets off like a Barn Owl loft on crotch of panty smell
Have you heard of him..or are you one inside..the face you make when you say the name.. whispers applied..
Of your turn on turn offs and the lacking wedding bell..So here the name not the any plan or spell..
He comes through any unlocked gate or over any wall..he will come in darkness and will make no noise at all..
He is registered by name and act its all the same..’The pants are leakin’ always peekin’..iffen griffen panty sniffen creature’ is his name.
He may come in early night by light of moon..he likes the musky and the dusky fat who sweats at noon..
He will smell anything consuming with a like..the crotch of bikini thongs..the sweaty seat of bike..
He goes into the bathtub and strikes a hidden pose..invites you for a swim then pops fart bubbles with his nose..
He likes a smell he will go back scene of the crime repeat..he will not quit he smells armpits and then goes for your feet..
Anything thats you on your guard..If it smells like female..there he is breathing hard..
His name may be Sylvester or Simon maybe Bob.. this pest looks for the best smell in the west to rob..
Stay clear of this outrageous beast..warn you its not a game..
‘The pants are leakin always peekin..iffen griffen panty sniffen creature is his name’..

For you ladies seeking nights of camp humor ridiculous.. and  observance of curious sillies.. :-)
Peace Tony

Thought.. ‘the simplest of human actions.. set to social judgement.. should be done so with humor and left in it’s silliest context’.. Peace Tony



Yes.. my liege.. my infant ruler.. unaffected so..

Yes.. my liege.. my infant ruler.. unaffected so..

Sun beams love streams seconds coming  rattles gate for new..  

Memories of sun..  breeze breaths good living due..

All across decades made experience a school..

Infant royal each of us innocence will rule..

On the stage each social page has audience bejeweled..

Golden seconds reckoned with saints.. liars and fools..

Child on throne mind heart and bone purpose of a mule..

From a world each day unfurled sights sensed back never grudge..

You infant innocent felt and spent  will sense to judge..

School days takes a lesson.. money second place.. love in mirror true.. honor your truest face..

Thought.. ‘then he made the journey and met the child who navigates his very life.. the infant calmly silent.. smiled innocent approval’.. Peace Tony


Flyover dreams..



Climbed a hill to find a mountain.. found a cave to hide..

Set a peaceful path.. aside conflicts of  times inside..

Remember sure each pain and cure.. each time love found a way..

Things set time in mind from feeling.. seconds of each day..

Same will blame most fearfully.. trapped thus in repeat..

Children scream burning turning cold to fight a heat..

Lonely souls named as others action wrote a page..

Too many times when heated climes in anger of self rage..

Now another second brothers sisters.. one more breath..

Living earth full measure until the change of death..  

Sunrise.. birds chirp surprise blue ushers with new goals..

Drama from your papa mama.. new loves.. loving souls..


times when  warm gut feeling of something accomplished are ‘a wonder of giving.. of accepting in calm’  

Peace Tony